Chugai Mining Reveals Some New “Soinekkoron”-themed Magical Mirai 2019 Merchandise!

Time for some nice new Magical Mirai 2019 merchandise, and can be more adorable then a “Soinekkoron”-themed Piapro cast set from Chugai Mining to fill your life with cuteness!

Your Piapro Characters Laying Down!

Yes, you have read this just fine, Chugai Mining is going to release a set of can badges and key holders, all of them featuring Hatsune Miku and her friends in a cute Soinekkoron” pose!

Adorable isn’t it? Let’s have a better look together!

Here’s a more detailed price list:

You can also check the category directly by clicking here!

Pre-orders for those goods are currently open until July 9th, and should be delivered just in time for Magical Mirai 2019!


We totally look forward on more products to be revealed as celebration of Magical Mirai! We wonder what other surprises this event will reserve us! Only time will tell!

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