Crusher-P Releases Maki Watase Beta for DeepVocal!

As many of you know, the engine DeepVocal was released two days ago by Boxstar! Since then many vocals have been created and are beginning to release, but this one was a very big surprise. Crusher-P, the songwriter behind the hit song, ECHO, has released a voicebank for her character on the engine!

About Maki Watase

Concept art by Crusher-P

Maki Watase, 渡瀬マキ, debuted initially in 2009 as a CV UTAU! Over the years she’s gone through numerous phases, from a CV to a VCV! For her 10 year anniversary, she’s gotten a new look and this new DeepVocal voicebank. Will it be the only one? Who knows! We hope she prospers and brings light to this new engine.

Voicebank Information

The voicebank released is a public beta and can be downloaded here. It’s a Japanese library able to recognize romaji and hiragana, with ending breaths aliased as “H”, and 4 pitches (“Timbres” in DeepVocal). Included with the download link is a bug report form to improve the vocal for it’s full release. The vocal programming for DeepVocal was done by Infoholic. (Me!) Have a listen below!


Crusher-P Twitter

About Infoholic

Chorical CEO and vocal synth fan since 2013! Has a huge heart for all vocal synths, no matter what the quality.

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