Gift Kagamine Rin & Len “BRING IT ON” Plushies to be Available at Magical Mirai 2019!

Always been a fan of “BRING IT ON“, Kagamine Rin & Len‘s anniversary song composed by GigaP last year? Well, you will be extremely happy to know that Gift is going to offer us two adorable plushies based off of this same song!

A Duo of Plushies for You!

With a size of 20cm each, those little plushie will make your love for the song even more snuggable itself!

They are priced 4,000 JPY each and will be available at GIFT’s booth during Magical Mirai 2019, only to be later found through their online website as well after the event’s end.

Here below you can find their pages on Gift’s webstore:

If you ever manage to attend Hatsune Miku‘s most iconic event, be sure to grab your favorite before they go sold out!

More Plushies!

But there is more! Priced and sized the same as the Kagamine plushies, you will also find the Hatsune Miku: Magical Mirai 2019 ver. and Racing Miku 2019 ver. plushies at their booth!

With so many adorable plushies this events seems to be filled with cutesy merchandise for everyone, and who doesn’t like to have a snuggable companion, after all! Cannot wait for more!

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You can find Gift on Twitter and their website!
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