DeepVocal Now Available For Open Beta

After over 1000 applicants for the closed beta, DeepVocal creator Boxstar has made his software available for open beta, along with a fancy new website that can be found here in English as well as Traditional and Simplified Chinese!

Included on the website is the download page, Terms of Service, and End-User License Agreement, as well as the manual for voicebank creation.

A little important info about creating a DeepVocal character, as seen on the ToS page and told by developers:

  • You do not forfeit you character rights if you want to move your UTAU character to DeepVocal!
  • On the other hand, if you move your DeepVocal to UTAU, it requires new artwork but not a new design.
  • Do not redistribute or sell DeepVocal, the DeepVocalToolBox or DeepVocal voicebanks without Boxstar’s permission.


DeepVocal can be found here! Boxstar has a Twitter and a Weibo. You can also get in contact with him with his email at [email protected]
For additional information, help, and a community of DeepVocal users, join the Discord server here!

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