Digitrevx Rin V4X Model Now Available

Fans of the MMD model maker Digitrevx may have noticed that he’s been working on a MMD model based on Kagamine Rin‘s V4X’s design. Today, he finally finished. The Digitrevx Rin V4X model is now available for download!

One of the images included in the model download.

The model is available for download on Digitrevx’s DeviantArt and is completely free. Along with the model, downloaders will receive three PNG images of the model posed as well as pose data for said poses, a “Read Me” graphic available in both Japanese and English, and a “Read Me” text file in English.

Remember to read and follow the model maker’s guidelines! Digitrevx has made guidelines very simple for fans:

“Please do not use this model for commercial use.
Please do not re-upload Rin.
Please do not use Rin in any derogatory manner.
Have fun and be creative!”

Please note that he asks people follow his other terms of use as well but that he’s trying to be more lenient with Rin so fans can have fun with her.

Digitrevx has also made it so that Rin’s legs exist under her shoes and leg pieces, making it so that she can be customized to the fans liking.

The model is very high quality, however those with older machines should be careful when using her. Digitrevx suggests compressing the textures if you’re having a hard time working with the model.

Special Features

This model comes with very nice special features! Along with the high quality textures, fans can play with Rin’s bow as well as give her cat ears. Both the bow and cat ears have sliders that allow you to add and remove them as well as physics.

As you can see, they look absolutely adorable.

Another smaller but greatly appreciated addition is a bone that can control the opening and closing of the fingers. Any MMD modeler knows that posing a fist is absolute torture. Even loading pose data often requires fiddling because of the different sizes of models. Digitrevx solves this by giving a single bone we can manipulate.

Simply select the bone shown in red above and slide any of the axes to get the fingers to open and close. Each hand has a separate bone, and the thumb is not controlled by said bone.

Watch the Model in Action

Digitrevx has uploaded a video featuring his Rin model so that you can see her in action! Enjoy watching her dance to “Melancholic“.

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