VOCALOID Week in Review: Feb 8th to Feb 14th 2016

If you thought the last VOCALOID Week in Review was packed with news, you’re in for a shocker! This past week held tons of VOCALOID treats.

Merch News

Get your wallets ready because there are lots to buy!

Overseas Snow Miku 2016 Official Goods Store Now Open!

Every year, people who weren’t able to visit Sapporo for the Snow Miku festivities are given a chance to buy some (but not all) of the items that were available in Sapporo online. The store is now open with various items ready to be purchased. For more info, including a list of items available as of the time the article was written, check out Mikufan.com.

“ECHO” Novel Promotional Video Released

The novel based on Crusher-P‘s famous song “ECHO” finally has a promotional video out. And boy does it look creepy. Though there are no solid plans for an English release, you can preorder the Japanese release and help support the novel. If there’s enough interest in it, there’s word that an English translation will be made available. Read more here.

U/M/A/A Launched Global Webstore for Various CDs and Merchandises

U/M/A/A Inc. launched a global online web store for CDs and merchandises in response to the growing demand. The store features various goods by artists such as DECO*27, sasakure.UK, and PinocchioP, and covers worldwide orders and shipping. Read more at Mikufan.com

Voice Bank News

There’s been quite a bit of news surrounding the voices of our virtual idols this past week.

Alter/Ego Voice Bank ALYS Available for Preorder

The ALYS preorder is 10% off the final release price and is €90.00 inside of Europe. Those outside of Europe can get the voice for €75.00 ($84.94 USD) once they sign up or sign in to their account. Only a digital version is available at the moment with no word on a physical release. Read more and learn where to purchase the preorder here.

Unity-Chan Voice Changer Program

unti cover photo
Have you ever wanted to make Unity-Chan say anything you can think of without the hassle of the Unity Engine? How about making her speak high pitched or sound like a man? Just plug in a microphone, say anything you wish, and she will repeat your every word, laugh, or even repeat the clicking sound of your keyboard. User @kaigyoPG has done just that. This is a stand-alone program, therefore you do not need the Unity Engine to use it. Read more here.

Dex and Daina Voice Providers Revealed

When Dex and Daina were announced in June, the voice providers for them were not known. However, in November EmpathP mentioned in one of her live streams that she was not sure if they would be revealed before February, and if not they would announce it at Katsucon. This weekend at Katsucon as promised, EmpathP has revealed the voice providers for Dex and Daina at her panel. You’re going to have to read the article to find out who they are, though!

Stardust PV Teaser

The preorders for the new Chinese Vocaloid “Stardust” will soon be open, and with those comes her demo along with a PV. A short teaser was revealed through the 哔哩哔哩拜年祭 Bilibili New Year Gala. For screenshots and directions on how to get to the video, check out our article here.

IA and ONE Illustration Contest Announced

1st Place announced an IA and ONE illustration contest to celebrate the first anniversary of ONE and the fourth anniversary of IA. 1st Place is accepting illustrations of IA or ONE alone as well as illustrations featuring both of the virtual singers. For the full rules and information on how to enter, read our article here.

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