IA and ONE Illustration Contest Announced

1st Place has announced an IA and ONE illustration contest to celebrate the first anniversary of ONE and the fourth anniversary of IA.

photo_iaMain Information

Deadline: Monday, February 29th. (No exact time has been announced so it’s best to be early! However, it’s probably safe to assume that the deadline is at 11:59 JST.)
Where to Send: [email protected]
1st Place is accepting illustrations of IA or ONE alone as well as illustrations featuring both of the virtual singers. Illustrations will be used in a special illustration booklet that will not be available for purchase. The collection of the illustrations will be sent as a present to all the participants in the campaign.

In addition, 1st Place will create an anniversary illustration (not for sale) based on the IA and ONE anniversary illustrations that are sent to them.

The illustrations that have been drawn according to the specifications below will be collected in the “IA & ONE Anniversary Illustrations” booklet (not for sale). Please read carefully to make sure that your illustration can be published.

Submission Rules

Rules regarding submitting your work:

  • After the deadline, once 1st Place has collected all of the illustrations, they will be published in the illustration booklet “IA & ONE Anniversary Illustrations”. All the participants in the campaign will receive a copy of the booklet.
  • The illustration booklet will be sent once it is completed. Please be patient while waiting for it.
  • Before you send your art, please acknowledge that some of the IA & ONE illustrations might be uploaded on the dedicated anniversary site.
  • Please also note that once the booklet is ready, 1st Place will not accept any requests to remove illustrations from it.
    If you agree to all of the above, please submit your art!

photo_oneSubmission Guidelines

Follow these guidelines or your illustration won’t be eligible!

  • 1st Place will not accept lyrics in the illustrations
  • 1st Place won’t accept unpolished illustrations
  • Please understand that if the size and format are not respected, and the illustration is in a low resolution format, 1st Place won’t technically be able to publish the illustration.
  • No porno and no disrespectful or offensive illustrations will be published.
Image Format
  • Illustration Format: A4 400 DPI (Photoshop or Illustrator file)
  • Please send the following pieces of information in the email text: Full name, nickname, age, gender, address and telephone.
  • Please make the email subject: (Application) IA & ONE Illustration Campaign

More Information on IA and ONE

You can follow these links to get more information on IA and ONE’s anniversary as well as on the virtual singers themselves.

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