Stardust Demo, Voice Bank, Album and Art Book Dates Confirmed!

The final preparations for the Vocaloid Stardust are being made for her release. An announcement was made on her official Weibo confirming that preorders for her voice bank will open on the 20th of this month. This also means that an album and her art book will also be open for preorder. Lastly, the release of her long awaited demo will be on this day.


Voice Bank

Although her voice bank preorder opens on the 20th, shipping will begin mid-March at the price of ¥680.00 ($104 USD).

stardust boxart


Quadimension announced on Stardust’s official Weibo that an album for Stardust titled “星愿 Starwish” will be available for preorder on Taobao, with the option of three packages.

Album Tier

  • CD
  • Lyrics Booklet
  • Clear Jewel Case

Price: ¥50.00 ($7.50 USD)

Album Normal Package

  • Album Tier
  • Art Book

Price: ¥90.00 ($14 USD)

Album Deluxe Package

  • Album Tier
  • Art Book
  • 2 PVC Bookmark
  • A4 File Holder
  • Phone Strap
  • 5 Album Art Postcard

Price: ¥120.00 ($18 USD)

The preorder bonus includes a postcard (different from the deluxe package) for all packages and a paper bag for normal and deluxe packages. Quantities are limited on bonus items.

Art Book

You can also preorder the art book on its own for ¥40.00 ($6 USD) on the first print run. The following print runs will sell at a higher price. We have no word on how much more the following prints will cost at the moment.

stardust album



The Stardust strap from the art book contest can also be purchased for ¥25.00 ($4 USD).

stardust strap

Other Chinese Vocaloid products can be purchased on Quadimension’s website as well.

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