EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Announces Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary Celebration Album

2017 marks the 10th anniversary of Hatsune Miku’s release. In this past decade, we’ve seen hit after hit with this digital diva.

In March of 2009, Exit Tunes launched the EXIT TUNES PRESENTS VOCALOID compilation series featuring hits from Niconico.

This sixteenth album, Vocalohistory, has a theme of “The History of VOCALOID.” The album contains 4 CDs with 60 songs spanning across a decade of Miku’s existence. The album art itself features illustrations from 15 albums which some of the included songs appeared on.

This limited run album will have only 3,939 copies so be sure to grab yours while you can! It’s set to release March 15th, 2017.


Update: A crossfade with more of the songs has been released! We’ve updated the track list as well as added the new crossfade below.

Track List (Temporary)

There are currently 54 announced tracks announced across 4 CDs. However, there’s word that there will be 60 tracks in total.

  1. Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu / [email protected] Bousou-P
  2. Koi suru [email protected] / OSTER project
  3. Yuuhizaka / doriko
  4. Electric Angel / Yasuo
  5. celluloid / baker
  6. Saihate / Onyx Kobayashi
  7. Poppippo- / Lamaze P
  8. Toruko Koushinkyoku -Owata- / Owata P
  9. Motto Nobiro Bokuno Douga / Hikutsu P
  10. 1925 / Yuuto Tomita (tommy/ T-POCKET)
  11. StargazeR / Kotsuban P
  12. VOiCE / Lovely P
  13. Hatsune Miku no Bousou- -Full ver.- / [email protected] Bousou-P
  14. Riajuu Bakuhatsu shiro! / KAZU-k & Hako Touka (Nayuta Touka)
  15. 1/6 -genesis mix- / Vocaliod P (noa)
  16. Sakura Zensen Ijou Nashi / Wataru P
  17. Rolling Girl / wowaka
  18. E? Aa, sou. / Choucho P
  19. Time machine / 1640mP (164 x 40mP)
  20. Hannya Shinkyou Pop / Onuyu P
  21. Torinokocity / 40mP
  22. Himitsu Keisatsu / Buriru
  23. Netgame Haijin Sprechchor / Satsuki ga Tenkomori
  24. Shinpakusuu #0822 / Choucho P
  25. Ie ni Kaeru to Tsuma ga Kanarazu Shindafuri wo Shite imasu. / Hobobi P
  26. Mata Ashita / Fuwari P
  27. Miraisen / 1640mP (164 x 40mP)
  28. Gaikoku Gakudan to Riria / Toma
  29. BadBye / koma’n
  30. Senbonzakura / Kurousa
  31. Ikimasu! Karaoke Ikkyokume / Hobobi P
  32. FREELY TOMORROW / Mitchie M
  33. Sakura no Ame / halyosy
  34. Kochira, Koufuku Anshin Iinkai desu. / Utata P
  35. Black Board / Choucho P
  36. Kazemachi Hello World / add9 (Heri P)
  37. bitter / keeno
  38. Sarishinohara / Mikito P
  39. Tokyo Retro / Scop
  40. Shuuten / [email protected] Bousou-P
  41. Mousouzei / DECO*27
  42. Time mashin / Onyuu P
  43. Umiyuri Kaiteitan / n-buna
  44. Renai Saiban / 40mP
  45. Tsugihagi Staccato / Toa
  46. SLoWMoTIoN / Pinocchio P
  47. Exhibition Kuuchuusen / Nayutan Seijin
  48. Meryu- / n-buna
  49. Itsu mo yori Nakimushi na Sora / rerulili
  50. Sakura no KisetsuYuuyu
  51. Deep Sea Girl / Yuuyu
  52. paranoia / MezameP
  53. SPiCa / tokuP
  54. [email protected] Bousou-P newly written song

And more to come!


  1.  An illustration book featuring art from こみね, CHRIS, さいね, 鈴ノ助, hatsuko, MACCO, RAHWIA, riria009, and wogura.
  2. 15 pins featuring artwork from previous EXIT TUNES VOCALOID combination albums. (Artists: かんざきひろ, しめ子, なぎみそ, Nidy-2D-, 左, 三輪士郎, and redjuice.)
  3. 15 post cards featuring the same illustrations.
  4. LP-sized Booklet.

In addition, ordering at these locations will also net you extra bonuses.

Animate – Special mug with the album art

Animega – A3 sized tapestry

Amazon – B2 Sized Poster (Ships in April)

Toranoana– Pass case

Unfortunately, even Amazon Japan is limited to shipping inside of Japan for this particular album. If you want to get any of these bonuses, you’ll have to find someone in Japan willing to help you.

Pre-orders & Prices

International Orders

AmiAmi: ¥8,640
CDJapan: ¥8,000
animate: ¥8,000

Japan Only

Animate: ¥8,640
Animega: ¥8,640 
Amazon Japan: ¥8,640

Thank you MikuFan.com for providing some of the information used. Be sure to check them out for all your Miku news!

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