“Exit Tunes Presents Kaitonation” Set for December Release!

The new KAITO album Exit Tunes Presents Kaitonation is set to release on December 7th, 2016. The album contains 18 songs and a bonus track, of which four are brand new tracks while the 18th track is also a never-released bonus track featuring Naoto Fuuga.

Promotional Video

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The promotional video for the album features the new song “Kaitonation” by yuukiss with illustrations by  (Yuu).

Track List

At the moment, the track list isn’t finalized so the order of the songs is subject to change. There are also untitled songs with only their producers announced. However, this is what the website currently provides as the included tracks:

  1. Kaitonation by yuukiss (Opening Theme / New Song)
  2. Title To Be Determined / by yanagi (New Song)
  3. Title To Be Determined / by Tennen, SuzukiP (New Song)
  4. Title To Be Determined / by Re:nG (New Song)
  5. Kurenai no Hana/ by F.Koshiba /WandererP
  6. Sweet’s Beast / by Menday-P
  7. Judgement of Corruption / by mothy_akunoP
  8. Shabon no Salamander / by bucchigiriP
  9. Nibiiro Sora ni Hanafubuki / by ShigotoshiteP
  10. Shineba Ii no ni / by dBu Usagi
  11. Tsukeru yo / by SuketchP
  12. BLOOD / by SCL Project(natsuP)
  13. Gokuraku Nostalgic / by MazoP
  14. The Dream I Saw Yesterday / by Agoaniki
  15. Old Radio / by Ulala, ぴーひゃらP
  16. Koi Suru Apuri / by hal
  17. Rosary Pale / by ShinjouP
  18. BONUS TRACK Title To Be Determined / by Naoto Fuuga

Pre-order Bonuses

Lots of stores have pre-order bonuses if you order from them. With all the options, there’s quite the decision in KAITO fans’ hands! Though, there’s one bonus that everyone will get.

Phone Straps
Image showing the possible phone straps that come with preorders.
Image showing the possible phone straps that come with pre-orders.

All orders of the CD come with one of five different rubber straps featuring illustrations by うむ (Um), 秋吉 (akiyoshi), のん (Non), Harumaki, and Yuuki.

The phone straps feature KAITO in a variety of different outfits and poses, each one unique and adorable. No matter which strap you get, you’re sure to love it!

These phone straps are all rubber and appear to use a small chord to attach to your phone. If you don’t have a phone or phone case that lets you use this type of hanging, don’t worry! You can find headphone/earphone jack accessories in many stores. Simply switch out the accessory you bought for your KAITO strap!

In addition to the phone strap, there are other unique pre-order bonuses that come from different stores both online and offline.



Store Specific Bonuses/Where to Buy

Many stores only have special pre-order bonuses available while others only have the phone straps. As mentioned before, every pre-order comes with a strap, so that’s not listed. Only the special items exclusive to the certain store are as listed below. Please note that all stores may not ship internationally.



Price: ¥2500 JPY ($24.71 USD)

Price: ¥2700 JPY (about $27.00 USD)
Bonus: Acrylic keychain illustrated by Non

Animega Bunkyoutou
Price: ¥2700 JPY (about $27.00 USD)
Bonus: Clear file illustrated by Yuu

Amazon Japan
Price: ¥2700 JPY (about $27.00 USD)
Bonus: Sticker set featuring the phone strap illustrations


Tsutaya Records (in-store bonus)
Price: ¥2700 JPY (About $27.00 USD)
Bonus: B2-sized poster illustrated by Yuu

Tsutaya Online
Price: ¥2700 JPY (About $27.00 USD)
Bonus: Original digital wallpaper illustrated by Yuu

Price: ¥2700 JPY (About $27.00 USD)
Bonus: B2-sized calendar illustrated by Yuu

Special 10th Anniversary Edition

kaitonation_specialeditionThere’s also a special 10th anniversary edition available! This special edition not only comes with one of the straps mentioned above but also tons of special, exclusive items. It’s priced at ¥ 3980 JPY and is purchasable through Pony Canyon here. Unfortunately, it’s only available in Japan, so international buyers will need to use a proxy.

This special edition comes with the following bonuses, numbered in the image shown.

  1. One of five phone straps (random)
  2. KAITO illustration book featuring the artists who illustrated the phone straps
  3. Set of three 3.3 cm KAITO metal can badges illustrated by Haruyuki
  4. Set of three postcards illustrated by Yuu

Yuu’s Illustrations

If you like Yuu’s illustrations, feel free to check them out on pixiv! All three of the illustrations are available in high quality for pixiv members to view under the submission titled “Kaitonation”.

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