Fans Celebrate Sonika’s 10th Anniversary with Sonikafest!

Another VOCALOID has hit the double digits! VOCALOID 2 Sonika by Zero-G Ltd is now 10 years old! To celebrate, VNN member celestrai organized Sonikafest! Since late May, over 60 people have shown their love for Sonika by participating in events including tuning events, a zine, creating original songs and much, much more.

Both an official charm and – after a contest, a fan produced charm – were available for pre-order! This contest received 16 entries, of which nico (Pumpkin Head / galacticism) won.

A compilation album is free to download on Bandcamp with a donation option to support the organizer in future FESTs celebrating VOCALOID anniversaries.

Tracklist (ft. Sonika)

A zine is also available for free download with a donation option. 

Zine Contributors

Please consider donating to both the album and zine!

The fun doesn’t stop today, either. Tomorrow (7/15/19), be on the lookout for the arranged version of the Zero-G Sonika Song Contest’s winning song U Know It by VioletCall, featuring seven people’s – myself included – different tuning styles!


Sonika was created by Zero-G Ltd.! They also have a Twitter and Facebook!
Sonikafest is on Twitter! Sonikafest is run by the marvelous celestrai!

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