Fanzine “UTAU is FOREVER” Celebrating UTAU Now Available for Pre-order!

37 artists have come together to celebrate UTAU with 42 pages featuring more than 150 beloved UTAUs, from ones we all know to ones they personally love. This magazine is for charity and all profits go towards the ACLU. Pre-orders close on June 3rd and this will be the only print of the fanzine.

Featured Artists

As mentioned, there are 37 artists involved in the project, many of whom have uploaded previews of their art! Artists in the zine include:

Art Previews

Featuring Denki Sai

Featuring (from top left to bottom right) Iro Nanine, Aiko Kikyuune, Midori Injune, and Fushigi Maka

Featuring E-子 and Crecia Selestawa

Featuring Baak Yatchou

Featuring Tomi Samura

Where to Buy

You can purchase the fanzine here until June 3rd. It costs $10 USD.

Official Links

Purchase Here

“UTAU is FOREVER” Twitter

“UTAU is FOREVER” Tumblr

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