Hanairogoromo Rin & Len Figures Now Available for Pre-order!

At long last, Kagamine fans can grab the Hanairogoromo Rin & Len figures! All of the other Crypton VOCALOIDs have already been released, leaving the Kagamines to be the last figures of the series. Of course, they’re far from the least loved and are well worth the wait! Much like all the other figures in the series, they’re beyond beautiful. If you love the Kagamines, you’ll love these figures.


Rin is beautifully sculpted with flowing hair that looks so realistic. Her trademark bow is colored red and has flowers on it. And Yukine, the animal mascot of all things Snow Miku, sits in Rin’s lap. Like all the ladies in the Hanairogoromo series, Rin looks absolutely beautiful. If you’d like a figure where she’s cute but also looks a bit more mature, all while she keeps that Rin charm, this is the figure for you!


Len has a rather mature vibe to him as well, while still seeming just a little bit youthful with his pose and expression. Just like Rin, the details on Len are absolutely phenomenal. Any fan of Len is sure to love this figure.

Why Not Both?

If you want both of the figures (or even if you were debating and need a bit of convincing), there’s a bonus for having them both! Len can be posed on the tree that Rin’s sitting in!

Where to Purchase

For international purchases, AmiAmi and Tokyo Figure are the places to go. For Japanese residents and devoted fans willing to pay for a proxy, Snow Miku Sky Town is also accepting reservations. Their pre-orders will be open until August 31st at 19:00 JST. While the Piapro blog says AmiAmi and Tokyo Figure orders should close at the same time, Luka is still available on AmiAmi and her pre-orders should have closed some time ago. However, it’s always better to be safe than sorry! If you plan to use AmiAmi, be sure to order before August 31st at 19:00 JST. And definitely pre-order from Tokyo Figure on time!

The figures are set to be released around May 2018.

UPDATE: The figures are now available on Tokyo Otaku Mode!

Purchase Rin Online

Tokyo Otaku Mode $147.59 USD

AmiAmi – ¥12,800 (About $114 USD)

Tokyo Figure – ¥12,800 (About $114 USD)

Purchase Len Online

Tokyo Otaku Mode$147.59 USD

AmiAmi – ¥12,800 (About $114 USD)

Tokyo Figure – ¥12,800 (About $114 USD)

Snow Miku Sky Town Purchases

Snow Miku Sky Town pre-orders come with a bromide print featuring the illustration of whichever figure is pre-ordered, as well as an acrylic charm/key chain. Remember that these pre-orders are only open to residents of Japan, though!

Want Them All?

Of course, these figures are all a single set and go together very nicely. If you’re a completionist or would just like to grab some of the other figures available, most of the others are available through either AmiAmi, Tokyo Otaku Mode, or both.

Hatsune Miku

AmiAmi – ¥12,800 JPY (about $114 USD)


Tokyo Otaku Mode – $157.99 USD (Qualifies for free or discount shipping)
AmiAmi – ¥12,800 JPY (about $114 USD)


Tokyo Otaku Mode – $157.99 USD (Qualifies for free or discount shipping)
AmiAmi – ¥12,800 JPY (about $114 USD)

Megurine Luka

Tokyo Otaku Mode – $163.99 USD (Qualifies for free or discount shipping)
AmiAmi – ¥12,800 JPY (about $114 USD)

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