Hiyama Kiyoteru V4

Hiyama Kiyoteru V4 and Kaai Yuki V4 Announced!

AHS just announced the release date, demos and final designs for the V4 versions of Hiyama Kiyoteru and Kaai Yuki. Hiyama Kiyoteru V4 will be receiving two voice banks (Natural and Rock) while Kaai Yuki V4 will only get a Natural bank. Kiyoteru’s Natural and Rock banks will be available for separate purchase, as a single purchase, or as a single purchase in a VOCALOID 4 starter pack that will include the VOCALOID 4 Editor. Yuki will be available either with or without the V4 Editor.

The release date for all of the voice bank options is October 29, 2015 and they’ll be available as both physical copies and digital downloads. However, versions packaged with more than one voice bank and/or the VOCALOID 4 Editor will only be available for purchase as a physical copy.

Hiyama Kiyoteru V4 and Kaai Yuki V4 Products
Hiyama Kiyoteru V4 and Kaai Yuki V4 Products

Hiyama Kiyoteru V4 Natural

Hiyama Kiyoteru V4 Natural Box Art
Hiyama Kiyoteru V4 Natural Box Art

Kiyoteru Natural uses the design that’s been floating around for quite some time. The teacher has ditched his suit for a more relaxed and “natural” look.

There are price discounts for owners of Kiyoteru V2. We’re not quite sure at this time what the “AHS User Special Edition” has but it’s only open to those who own an AHS product and can provide its serial number.

Packaged Version: 10,800 yen + tax

Download Version: 8,000 yen + tax

V2 Upgrade: 6,000 yen + tax

AHS User Special Edition: 8,500 yen + tax

His Natural bank’s range will be A1 to C4 with a recommended BPM of 60 to 160BPM.

At the moment, there doesn’t appear to be a MMD model planned for him. His page advertises his V2 and Rock designs as having models, which will likely be downloadable here in the future.

Hiyama Kiyoteru V4 Rock

Hiyama Kiyoteru V4 Rock Art
Hiyama Kiyoteru V4 Rock Art

Kiyoteru’s V4 Rock alone will be the same in pricing as Kiyoteru Natural. However, there are different prices for the two voices packaged together as well as the starter pack with their voices.

Two Voice Bundle

Packaged Version: 17,800 yen + tax

V2 Upgrade: 10,800 yen + tax

AHS User Special Edition: 14,800 yen + tax

VOCALOID Starter Pack Featuring Kiyoteru

Packaged Version: 23,800 yen + tax

V2 Upgrade: 16,800 yen + tax

AHS User Special Edition: 20,800 yen + tax

Kiyoteru Rock will have a range of C2 to G4 and a recommended BPM of 70-190BPM.

There will be a MMD model of Kiyoteru released for use. Very likely, it will be released through the AHS omake materials page on their website like the Nekomura and Miki models were.

In addition to this information, AHS released a short demo produced by OzaShin featuring both of Kiyoteru’s voice banks.

UPDATE: A full version of the song is now available on NND and YouTube.

SECOND UPDATE: A second demo song featuring both Kiyoteru’s Rock and Natural voice banks was uploaded on October 29th:


Kaai Yuki V4

Kaai Yuki V4 Art
Kaai Yuki V4 Art

As mentioned before, there will only be one voice bank released for Kaai Yuki, her “Natural” bank. It’s best that she be used in a range of F2 to C4 and a BPM of 50 to 150BPM.

She will also have a MMD model featuring her new design.

In addition, she will be available for purchase either alone or as part of a VOCALOID starter pack.

Kaai Yuki Natural

Packaged Version: 9,800 yen + tax

Download Version: 7,000 yen + tax

V2 Upgrade: 5,000 yen + tax

AHS User Special Edition: 8,000 yen + tax

VOCALOID Starter Pack Featuring Kaai Yuki

Packaged Version: 16,000 yen + tax

V2 Upgrade: 11,000 yen + tax

AHS User Special Edition: 14,000 yen + tax

Yuki’s first short demo is provided by DAISUKE-P.

UPDATE: A second demo for Kaai Yuki was released: “Shuumatsu Kan’nushi★Norito Girl” by KagomeP

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