IA and Lia at Anime Expo!

Lia, singer of the songs from the animes “Charlotte”, “CLANNAD〜after story”,  “Angel Beats”, and “AIR”, will be the Guest of Honor at Anime Expo 2016! Furthermore, fans can enjoy the screening of the movie concert of IA, the VOCALOID™ virtual artist to whom Lia gave voice to! You can enjoy IA and Lia at Anime Expo!

IA_photo_LiteHere’s the beginning of a summer full of good news for Lia and IA’s fans!

Anime Expo 2016 will host Lia as the Guest of Honor, and the convention will be home to IA’s next “PARTY A GO-GO World Screening Caravan” showing.

Lia will be the guest of honor at one of the biggest anime conventions in the world.

Anime Expo 2016 will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) from July 1st (FRI) until the 4th (MON).

As the Guest of Honor, Lia will perform at the Opening Ceremony stage next Friday, July 1st (17:00~18:30, MAIN HALL/B).

She will also be performing a half-time show at one of the most awaited events of the convention, the “Masquerade” cosplay contest (MAIN HALL/B). Besides that, she will participate in the Press Junket, Press Conference, Meet and Greet, and autograph session. Details on these will be revealed very soon!

Times and Dates

■Anime Expo’s 25th Event, Welcome Ceremony.

Time: 7/1 (FRI) 17:00 – 18:30

Location: Main Events Hall (Los Angeles Convention Center, Hall B)


Time: 7/3 (SUN) 20:00 – 23:00

Location: Main Events Hall (Los Angeles Convention Center, Hall B)

Concert Screening

On Sunday, July 3rd, the movie concert of the virtual artist IA will be the 12th screening in the “IA PARTY A GO-GO World Screening Caravan” tour.

■IA Concert Screening @ Anime Expo

Time: 7/3 (SUN), 11:30 – 13:00

Location: Video 4 (LACC 409A)


Furthermore, you can find official merchandise of Lia, IA, and KAGEROU PROJECT at the “1st PLACE Official Shop” booth (Location TBA).

■Booth No. TBA “1st PLACE Official Shop” Hours

Day 1 (July 1): 12PM – 6PM

Day 2 (July 2): 10PM – 6PM

Day 3 (July 3): 10PM – 6PM

Day 4 (July 4): 10PM – 3PM


About Lia

Thanks to her tone and vocal skills, Lia is known as the “Crystal Voice Songstress”.

She was featured in many hit anime and game songs.

In 2010, the opening track for the popular anime titled Angel Beats!, “My Soul, Your Beats!”, ranked #3 on “Weekly Oricon” (Japan’s most trusted music publication, similar to Billboard).

In the same year, she was also one of the Grammy-winning soloists in the album “Calling All Dawns”.

In 2015, the theme song of the anime Charlotte, “Bravely You”, debuted #4 on Oricon and #1 on Billboard Japan’s Anime Chart. In addition to her professional singing career, Lia also provides voice sources for the virtual artist born from the VOCALOID™ technology, IA.

Lia’s Official Website: http://1stplace.co.jp/artist/lia/

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