IA and ONE First Anniversary Illustration Contest Ends

IA’s page recently announced the ending of the IA and ONE first anniversary illustration contest, which we talked about in a previous article.

1st Place received 74 works in total for the contest and thanks everyone for their participation. As a final surprise, they announced that Sidu and Ishifuro participated and that their works will be included in the booklet as well.

Unfortunately, only people who sent in illustrations will receive the booklet. At the moment, there are no plans for a commercial release, and everyone who turned in their art did so under terms that stated it would not be used for commercial purposes.

Fans can see some of the artworks submitted on the official IA and ONE anniversary page.

Below, you can find the original Facebook post from the IA PROJECT page as well as VOCALOID Lovers Indonesia’s translation. While they were unable to translate the full text, they were able to make most of it into English.

IA & ONEイラスト応募キャンペーン終了のお知らせ!!キャンペーン参加者限定サプライズ情報 + 応募イラスト第5弾公開!!先日2/29(月)まで実施をしておりましたIA & ONEイラスト応募キャンペーンに総勢74作品という多くの応…

Posted by IA-1st_PLACE on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

“Announcement for the end of the IA & ONE Illustration Submission Campaign
Since February 29th, we have received a total of 74 works for the IA & ONE Illustration Submission Campaign. We have received a lot of submissions to this day, thank you very much! Next! We deliver the last surprise for all participants of this booklet campaign: Sidu and Ishifuro also participated in this campaign, and we will include them in the memorial booklet. I think the booklet will be a good memory for everyone, so please eagerly wait until the booklet arrives.

* Please understand that since the submission period for this campaign has ended, we can no longer answer any questions/contacts regarding the submission for the booklet illustrations.
* The booklet will be distributed only for those who have participated within the campaign period.”

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