Yuzuki Yukari Lin 1/8 Scaled Figure Now Available for Preorder!

The Yuzuki Yukari Lin 1/8 scaled figure is now available for preorder! The figure was originally announced near the end of 2015 during a live stream held by AH-Software and then recently teased at Winter Wonfes 2016 fully painted.

FIGURE-017486_04According to AH-Software’s website, the figure will be manufactured by Pulchra and is priced at 13,889 yen (approximately $122.28 USD) and is planned for release in September 2016.  Preorders will be open until April 26, 2016.

This is the second Yuzuki Yukari scaled figure to be released. The first one, which features her original design, is very hard to find and can be very expensive. This makes the Yukari Lin figure a perfect opportunity for all Yukari fans not to miss!

The figure can be purchased internationally at the following sites:

If you’re interested in seeing what other Yukari merchandise is around, feel free to check out our previous article about all of the Yukari merch announced during the live stream where this figure was revealed.



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