VSinger VOCALOIDs Spring Costume Design Contest

As February ends and spring draws near, it’s time for VSinger girls to get some new clothes for the new season! And what better way to give the girls new clothes than to hold a spring costume design contest?

Mo Qingxian concept art
Mo QingXian concept art

VSinger is collaborating with the costume selling company “AScosing” and the ACG community website “BCY.net” painting section to hold a spring costume design contest for the female VSinger VOCALOIDs Luo Tianyi, YANHE, YueZheng Ling, and Mo QingXian. While QingXian does not have a VOCALOID voice bank, VSinger has mentioned previously that they do plan to eventually make one for her as well as for the other VSinger characters.

The winning design or designs will be made into real products and sold by AScosing. In addition, the winners will receive a cash prize.

There is an option to design a single VOCALOID or design all four of the characters. In the event all four characters are designed, artists are required to have the character designs relate in some way and form a series. You cannot design four costumes that do not go together.

For more information, see the the contest rules below.


BCY.net is an ACG community website in China. It targets cosplayers and artists, and also provides information about Comic-con.  It was founded in 2011 and the “Painting” section came in June of 2014.The website is available for both iOS and Android.


  • Do not involve sex, violence, or other inappropriate content.
  • The theme of the design should be “Spring Garden” or “Summer Forest”. Contestants may create costumes based on animals, plants, bugs, flowers, and even birds.
  • VOCALOIDs Luo Tianyi, YANHE, YueZheng Ling, and Mo QingXian should be used in the design. Artists can choose either any one of them for the costume design or use all four VOCALOIDs in the contest.
  • For those who use all four VOCALOIDs in the design contest, the four designed costumes should be related to each other as a series.
  • The costume should be short and girlish. Skirts or trousers should not be longer than ankle length. Sleeves should not be longer than ankle length when hanging on both sides.
  • Since the winning design will be made into real product, entries should be colored. Using the representative color for each VOCALOID is recommended (ex: blue for Tianyi). The body should be seven heads or eight heads tall and have a well-proportioned shape.
  • Contestants are allowed to upload multiple designs. The size of the design should not be larger than 10 MB.
  • Entrants can use their previous design(s) in the contest as long as it was not involved in any other contest before. No plagiarism is allowed.
  • Entries should not include extra watermarks (ex: Weibo watermark). Artist’s logo, titles, and explanations that come with the design are acceptable.
  • “Likes” obtained by the design will be taken into consideration during review.
How to Enter

Upload the design to the BCY.net Painting section using the tag “Vsinger服装设计” (Vsinger Costume Design).


Contest Timeline
  • Entries Opened: March 3rd, 2016 to April 6th, 2016
  • Entries Reviewed: April 7th, 2016 to April 13th, 2016
  • Winners Announced: April 14th, 2016


  • Single Prize (using only one VOCALOID as a model) (four available)
    • ¥2000 (RMB)
    • Shared revenue* from the sales after the design is made into a real costume
    • Certificate of Honor from VSinger
  • Team Prize (using all four VOCALOIDs as models)
    • ¥6000 (RMB)
    • Shared revenue* from the sales after the design is made into a real costume
    • Certificate of Honor from VSinger

*Shared revenue: Winners will get ¥10 for each costume sold in AScosing’s Taobao shop within six months after their design is made into a costume and put on the shelf in AScosing’s Taobao shop.

*Entries can only receive the Team Prize or the Single Prize.

Official Websites

VSinger’s Official Weibo

BCY.net Painting Section


Sources: Details of Vsinger’s Costume Design ContestContest Rules

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