New Stardust Demo Released!

Quadimension has brought us another Stardust demo hailing from her first album. This time, we get to listen to “星之伊始” (“Start of the Star”). This song was first featured in the album crossfade with a still image but the video of the full song contains an animated PV!

The PV follows Stardust through what appears to be her first day at a new school while she also deals with her life as an idol. While she seems nervous at first, she quickly makes friends and people seem to like her quite a bit — much like how the VOCALOID fandom has reacted to her. While it was a rocky start, people seem to have fallen in love with the newest Chinese VOCALOID idol.

The PV is drawn by TOMATO and features a unique style that we don’t see often. It fits the video nicely though and is definitely worth checking out.


There is currently less than four days before the release of the Starwish album. If you haven’t already, definitely preorder! We have information here on prices of the different packages available. If you love the art featured in the videos, you can even pick up the art book and album in a combination package! While we’re not certain if the art book will contain art from the demo PVs, we think it’s safe to say it’s a very high possibility.

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