Stardust Album Crossfade Released

We’ve known for a while that Stardust is having an album released alongside an art book and many other goods. We’ve even covered it in detail in a previous article. However, we were unable to say what was going to be on”Starwish” until now. Along with the song names and producers, a crossfade advertising the full Stardust album was released.

The album contains various genres from ballad to rock, and even a song that sounds quite a bit like salsa.

Track List


Music, Arrangement, and Lyrics: ZOMiG
Illust: 匙


Music and Arrangement: 战场原妖姬
Lyrics: 孙若曦
Illust: swd3e2


Music and Arrangement: Li Zong
Lyrics: 大♂古
Illust: 唐不叮


Music, Arrangement, and Lyrics: 小野道
Illust: Dangmill


Music and Arrangement: 天钦
Lyrics: 冰镇甜豆浆
Illust: TOMATO


Music and Arrangement: Zoey
Lyrics: 和田野
Illust: Nineo


Music and Arrangement: MeLo
Lyrics: 绿邪
Illust: 零届Orz


Music and Arrangment: Kide
Lyrics: Ddicky
Illust: Nine

Where to Purchase

As we mentioned in a previous article, the Stardust album is available for purchase through Quadimension’s Taobao. At the moment, they’re taking preorder reservations. There are several packages available with the following prices:

Album Tier

Lyrics Booklet
Clear Jewel Case
Price: ¥50.00 ($7.50 USD)

Album Normal Package

Album Tier
Art Book
Price: ¥90.00 ($14 USD)

Album Deluxe Package

Album Tier
Art Book
Two PVC Bookmarks
A4 File Holder
Phone Strap
Five Album Art Postcards
Price: ¥120.00 ($18 USD)

There is a preorder bonus that includes a postcard (different from the deluxe package) for all packages, and a paper bag for normal and deluxe packages. Quantities are limited on bonus items.

Art Book

While we can’t say for sure, we can guess that the illustrations featured will be available in Stardust’s art book. So if you’re in love with the drawings, you can either grab one of the album tiers that comes with the book or just the art book. For more information on prices and how to purchase, check out “Stardust Demo Voice Bank, Album, and Art Book Dates Confirmed!” here.

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