“IA PARTY A GOGO 2017” Fan Screening in Switzerland!

Those who follow VocalNexus, and Aki No Matsuri on Facebook or Discord should know this already: IA will finally make a stop in Switzerland! The Swiss convention Aki No Matsuri, which already hosted VOCAMERICA two years ago, welcomes IA (Aria on the Planets) in cooperation with VocalNexus this year on the weekend of August 31th to September 1st.


IA (Aria on the Planets), der digitale Superstar aus Japan, begeistert auf der ganzen Welt Millionen von Fans mit ihren…

Posted by Aki no Matsuri on Sunday, August 11, 2019


With the permission of 1st Place, VocalNexus will bring “IA-PARTY A GOGO! 2017” to the screen in the cinema hall of the multi-purpose complex Teuchelweiher in Winterthur, Switzerland on both Saturday and Sunday. Details of the performance will be announced on-site by the Aki No Matsuri.

But there is more! Everyone will get the chance to receive a small gift by answering IA’s survey at the VocalNexus booth.

Unfortunately IA’s merchandise, which has been sold at other conventions in the past, will not be available this time.


You can buy tickets for the convention at Ticketino you can check on their prices below.

Golden Weekend Con Package: 157.95 SFr (about 163 USD)
Weekend Con Package: 79.80 SFr (about 83 USD)
Weekend Ticket: 53.75 SFr (about 56 USD)
Saturday Ticket: 32.55 SFr  (about 34 USD)
Sunday Ticket: 32.55 SFr (about 34 USD)

Details can be found on the official page of Aki No Matsuri (German only) as well.

Accommodation plan (ticket not included)

Those who arrive from outside the country will even have the opportunity to book an overnight stay in addition to their ticket! You can find the price list below.

Sat/Sun single room: 43.00 SFr (about 45 USD)
Sat/Sun room for 2 persons (price per person): 43.00 SFr (about 45 USD)
Sat/Sun room for 4 persons (price per person): 32.55 SFr (about 34 USD)
Sat/Sun room for 8 persons (price per person): 27.15 SFr (about 28 USD)
Sat/Sun room for 12 persons (price per person): 27.15 SFr (about 28 USD)

Breakfast (price per person): 14.10 SFr (about 15 USD)

Opening hours

Saturday10AM ~ 6PM (CEST)
Sunday: 9AM ~ 5PM (CEST)

Follow VocalNexus and Aki No Matsuri on social media to stay up to date. We at VNN will also report to you as soon as there is something new!


Aki No Matsuri Official Website
Aki No Matsuri Official Facebook
VocalNexus Official Website
VocalNexus Official Facebook
VocalNexus Official Twitter
IA World Page

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