IA x Ragnarok Online Collaboration Announced!

For those of you familiar with MMORPG games, you have probably heard of Ragnarok Online at some point and time. Ragnarok Online (or RO for short) is an MMORPG created by the South Korean game company, Gravity Co. Ltd., capable of allowing thousands of simultaneous players to enter the game world.

The motif of the game is based on Norse Mythology, with the names of Norse gods being used as server and character names. Players play as adventures who hail from the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom and fight monsters.

If you are an MMO and IA fan, then here’s a collaboration that is sure to get you excited. Whether you’re a veteran player or a newcomer to the game, it’s definitely worth checking out!

大家好!年初公佈了和RO的合作計劃,終於能夠向大家公佈具體內容了!以台灣為出發點,IA將會登陸世界各地的RO世界同大家見面!作為本次合作的一部分,IA特地錄制了RO的經典名曲「Wanna BE…

Posted by IA World Page on Thursday, October 19, 2017

“Hello, everyone. I’m IA. How do you do? Thank you for the support that you’ve always given me!
It makes me so happy to be given the chance to meet and become friends with everyone in the Taiwanese RO gaming community!
I’m also pleased to announce that the IA version of the RO theme song, “Wanna be Free,” is now complete!
I sang this cover with all my heart, so please give it a listen.
See you in the game! IA will always with you!”

You can also listen to the above-mentioned IA cover of RO’s theme song, “Wanna be Free!”

What does this collaboration entail?

The first stage of the collab will kick off on October 24th when a special IA quest will be made available for play. Those who already play RO will also be able to access the limited-time IA quest and map. Furthermore, an event-exclusive “IA Crown” will be made available for purchase in the game.

Note: A global release is in the works, but the release schedule for territories outside of Taiwan is still being determined (release in South Korea will be sometime this year).
Please also note that payment for access to play RO differs from territory to territory.


Special Taiwan event page

Ragnarok Online’s official global website

Ragnarok Online’s official Japanese website

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