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IA X Ragnarok “Wanna Be Free!!” Theme Song Cover Available Soon!

A little over a month ago, a collaboration between IA and Ragnarok Online was announced. However, it was only available in the Taiwan version of the game. For more information, check out our previous article here. There was also a cover of the theme song “Wanna Be Free!!” sung by IA.

The one in charge of the arrangement and sound production of the song was none other than Hayao Konishi from out of service. If you loved the song and were hoping for it to be released, your wishes have come true! On December 6th, a single featuring “Wanna Be Free!!” will be available for download. The song will be released on the iTunes Store, Recochoku, mora, Dwango and more sites to be announced! 1st Place is hoping that people from around the world will enjoy this newest song.

Before it is released, the jacket cover for the single will be revealed, so stay tuned! The download price is set at ¥200 (about $2 USD), and a high-res audio version will also be available for ¥420 (about $4 USD). You can also listen to “Wanna Be Free!!” on the official Taiwanese site here.






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