Japan Post x Hatsune Miku Frame Stamp Sheet & Music Box Set is Coming!

Any stamp collector over there? Maybe also an Hatsune Miku enthusiast? Japan Post is bringing those two worlds together in a few hours! Be prepared to see an amazing set of Frame Stamps and Music Box themed after our favorite virtual diva!

What You will Find On This Set?

Starting from August 19th at 0:15 (JST) until September 18th, you will be able to get an adorable set of five frame stamps and a music box that features Miku’s iconic song “Miku Miku Ni Shite Ageru♪” by ika! Both of the items feature an adorable illustration made by Murakami Yuichi, and you will also get a foldable postcard to use as a mount!

This set is priced 5,940 JPY and will be available through Japan Post’s Net Shop in just few hours, with a release scheduled for October 15th, 2019!

EDIT: This set is now available for pre-order! Click here to get yours!

Also, it seems that if you cannot grab it now, you will have another chance of buying them starting September 20th until October 20th, with a release scheduled for November 11th!

Please be aware you might need some help to get this set outside Japan!


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Hatsune Miku is on Facebook (English and Japanese), Twitter (English and Japanese), Youtube and Weibo
Japan Post can be found on their official website
Japan Post Net Shop
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