KAITO 12th Anniversary Celebrations Commence!

It’s almost KAITO‘s 12th anniversary on February 17th! (That is, if you go by his Crypton Future Media release date; if you go by his Yamaha release date, then it was already his 12th anniversary on February 14th.) Already the Hatsune Miku Official Blog is decorated with an adorable 12th anniversary KAITO illustration by ふじのきともこ (Tomoko Fujinoki)!

Furthermore, fans can also now celebrate by scoring some KAITO goodies on two fronts: as special collaboration merch now on sale at Animate, ACOS, and Gamers stores, and as special albums now being featured on KARENT!

Collaboration Merch at Animate

The Artists

Both 和錆 (Wasabi) and NEGI contributed sweets-themed illustrations of the Crypton Future Media VOCALOID characters to be used to create the collaboration goods. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

“I was given the honor of supplying the illustrations for the KAITO 12th anniversary goods that will go on sale at Animate on 2/15! They’re meant to be themed around sweets, but I designed KAITO-niisan’s outfit around the image of cream soda✨ They’re supposedly going to be used for clear file folders and can badges and the like, so I hope you enjoy ?”

“I drew some SD illustrations themed around sweets! 【Other (Goods)】Starting 2/15 (Thur.), KAITO 12th Anniversary goods will go on sale at Animate!”

The Goods

Below, you can find information on the collaboration goods, and links for where you can purchase them on MOVIC online if you do not reside in Japan. The prices listed below all include tax unless otherwise stated.

A4 Clear File Folders (2 varieties)
Price: ¥378 JPY (about $3.50 USD) each
和錆 ver. here
NEGI ver. here

Can Badges (6 varieties)
Price: ¥540 JPY (about $5.00 USD) each
Miku ver. here
KAITO ver. here
MEIKO ver. here
Rin ver. here
Len ver. here
Luka ver. here

Acrylic Keychains (6 varieties)
Price: ¥702 JPY (about $6.50 USD) each
Miku ver. here
KAITO ver. here
MEIKO ver. here
Rin ver. here
Len ver. here
Luka ver. here

Candy Cans (6 varieties)
Price: ¥600 JPY (about $5.50 USD) each, excluding tax
On sale starting 2/22

Album Sale on KARENT

That’s not the only KAITO 12th Anniversary celebration sale going on. Starting today, KARENT is also celebrating in their own way by holding a special 6-album sale of KAITO-centric songs! Check out the crossfade below with the featured illustration by U35 (Umiko)!

1. “ポップキャンディースウィートタイム (POP CANDY SWEET TIME)” by キッドP (Kid P)

Sample the songs here!

“Today, we’ll be introducing the KAITO songs that we’ve compiled♪ KidP’s ‘POP CANDY SWEET TIME’ now on sale! It’s an electronic pop song that depicts a sweet and excitement-filled romantic story! Doesn’t Akiyoshi-san’s KAITO make your heart race! It’s the perfect song for Valentine’s Day…”

“The jacket illustration for ‘POP CANDY SWEET TIME’ was provided by Akiyoshi! Lyrics were handled by PaprikaP while OreBanana-san handled the tuning! Enjoy this cute take on KAITO!”

2. “マオマオ★キョンシー (Mao Mao★Chinese Zombie)” by キッドP (Kid P)

Sample the songs here!

“The jacket illustration for ‘Mao Mao★Chinese Zombie’ was drawn by Yoshiki-san for us to distribute! My 10th album, ‘LENGEL,’ actually features a different version, so you’ll probably notice the difference if you listen and compare them both together!? ヽ(*´▽`)ノ”

3. crystal mic-10th Blue Mix- by クリスタルP (CrystalP / HzEdge)

Sample the songs here!

“HzEdge (CrystalP)-san’s ‘crystal mic-10th Blue Mix-‘ now on sale! It’s the KAITO cover of the famous song that gave rise to the name ‘CrystalP!’ This emotional arrangement, fitting for an anniversary, is sure to cause many tears to flow…”

“This is the KAITO version of CrystalP’s magnum opus song, ‘crystal mic.’ Unlike the Len version, it carries a more gentle and mature vibe to it! This comes highly recommended as well! ヽ(*´▽`)ノ”

“I drew the jacket illustration for CrystalP’s song, ‘crystal mic-10th Blue Mix-,’ now on sale starting today! You’ll feel healed by V1-niisan’s singing voice! Congratulations, niisan!!”

4. “DIZZ Yøu XXX IT?” by nyanyannya

Sample the songs here!

5. “混沌 (Konton)” by わんだらP (WandererP, F.Koshiba)

Sample the songs here!

6. “紡ぎのフラグメント (Tsumugi no Fragment)” by maya

Sample the song here!

“I participated in this with ‘Tsumugi no Fragment.’ I hope you like it!”

“Happy 12th Anniversary, KAITO!!! (The illustration is one that I drew some time ago) Thank you so much, KAITO, for bringing me into the world of VOCALOID (*´v`)”
#KAITOお誕生会2018 #KAITO生誕祭2018 #KAITO

Visit the KAITO 12th Anniversary page on KARENT here.

Here’s wishing a Happy 12th Anniversary to KAITO, and hoping for many more to come!

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