KAITO and MEIKO Hanairogoromo Ver. Details Revealed!

In addition to the reveal of the prototype for the 1/8 scale KAITO Hanairogoromo version, details on how to order both KAITO and MEIKO were revealed. These KAITO and MEIKO Hanairogoromo version figures are a must have for fans!

KAITO Hanairogoromo Ver.

While we covered MEIKO quite a while ago, the KAITO prototype was only recently revealed. This 1/8 scale figure marks the first scale figure for KAITO. (Prize figures are not scale figures.)

Just like MEIKO, KAITO is based off of the illustration by fujichoko.

O16071930Pre-orders and Release Date

Both KAITO and MEIKO Hanairogoromo version figures will cost 11,852 yen (~$111 USD) and are scheduled for release in May 2017, giving fans quite a bit of time to save up.

Pre-ordering at Snow Miku Sky Town

Pre-orders at Snow Miku Sky Town will be open from July 29, 2016, to around September 2016. Those who pre-order at Sky Town have to pay in full. In addition, reservations may close early if the pre-order cap is met.

Ordering Online

Much like the Hatsune Miku Hanairogoromo figure, fans outside of Japan can grab these two online. They’ll both be available at Tokyo Figure and AmiAmi. Just like the Sky Town pre-orders, these pre-orders will be available from July 29th ’til September 2016.

Sources: Snow Miku Sky Town Website, Piapro Blog

Feature Image from Tokyo Figure

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