Kizuna AI “Hello, World” Album Review

The internet’s favorite virtual youtuber, Kizuna AI, has released her debut album “Hello, World” on May 15, 2019. The album features previous digital releases that lead up to Kizuna AI’s 1st Live Hello World concert. Every song is remastered to improve the listening experience. The album features Vocaloid producers such as Yunomi and TeddyLoid.

The covers of each songs come together to spell out KIZUNA AI in the CD album and DVD edition.

Kizuna AI shows the different versions of the album including the deluxe edition


  1. Hello, Morning (prod. Nor)
  2. Future Base (prod. Yunomi)
  3. New World (prod. Yunomi)
  4. Over the Reality (prod. Avec Avec)
  5. Miracle Step (prod. Nor)
  6. Hello, Morning (Pa’s Lam System Remix) (prod. Nor)
  7. Melty World (prod. TeddyLoid)
  8. Hello, Alone (prod. MATZ)
  9. Meet you (prod. DÉ DÉ MOUSE)
  10. Mirai (prod. ☆Taku Takahashi)
  11. AIAIAI (prod. Yasutaka Nakata)

Album Review

We will now be going through every track to get a feel of the album. The theme of the album is Kizuna AI going beyond the digital world to connect with us. Thus the title “Hello, World”.

Hello Morning

Kizuna Ai welcomes everyone with a “good morning” in this upbeat electronic dance track. A perfect song to begin the album.

Future Base

Like the title, This song is a light future bass where Kizuna AI asks you to reach your hand to accompany her to the future. Kizuna AI’s soft vocals come through to bring the solemnity of the song together.

New World

New world is full of excitement and joy from the begin to the last beat. This is an uplifting electronic song of invitation to the future. Sprinkled in between are beat drops that bring extra bounce to the music.

Over the Reality

Your journey to the future with Kizuna AI continues “over the reality”. The track is sugary sweet through and through. Kizuna AI’s raps make the song even cuter than it already is.

Miracle Step

Another future bass track that encourages you to take a new step looking forward positively. When you’re feeling down and need a bit of a pick me up, this is the song for you.

Hello, Morning (Pa’s Lam System Remix)

Midway through the album, we are ushered to the second half of the album by Pa’s Lam System’s re-energized remix of the opening song. If the original did not make you want to dance, then this will.

Melty World

TeddyLoid and Kizuna AI work together on this track like butter on toast. This high power EDM track commands attention with the lyrics and beats it throws at you. This is a signature TeddyLoid song. Everything about the song is straightforward from the vocal chops to every word, making this my top favorite.

Hello, Alone

Kizuna AI asks how long ’till you wake up and meet her in “Hello, Alone”. This song has good progression and beat drops that feel just right. To be honest, Kizuna AI’s vocals sound a bit strained for the key of the song, but it’s still a fantastic track that you would expect from MATZ.

Meet You

Kizuna AI wants to “Meet You” in this strong 80’s inspired track. “Meet You” brings fabulous disco vibes with a powerful EDM progression.


“Mirai” wraps all the previous tracks to a perfect present. Kizuna AI continues her journey to the future with you no matter the distance. With nods to “Future Base” and “Hello, World”, it is a wonderful finale to the digital releases.


Yasutaka Nakata, well known for producing Perfume and Karyu Pamyu Pamyu‘s albums, collaborated with Kizuna AI to bring AIAIAI. The song is full of love and cuteness. The simple beats and surprising dance breaks make this song feels like you are at a festival.

This debut album fits the theme and aesthetic of Kizuna AI so well that only Kizuna AI could pull it off. She truly is a super AI that can do anything even going to the future with all her fans

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You can buy the albums through the official website which includes the deluxe package, CD+DVD, or just the CD album.

Or you can stream it digitally here:
Official YouTube playlist

Apple Music


Kizuna AI:
Hello, World Website

Avec Avec
Pa’s Lam System
☆Taku Takahashi
Yasutaka Nakata


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