ARIA Debuts at Anime Weekend Atlanta

This past weekend, I was one of the many VOCALOID fans to attend Anime Weekend Atlanta. At long last, 1st Place debuts ARIA; a story of life, love and peace.

I won’t be sharing too much information on the contents for those that want to experience it themselves without prior knowledge. There was a wonderful story that continued from beginning to end, with lots of unexpected IA and ONE lore sprinkled in.

It’s very clear how much 1st Place cares for IA, ONE and their fans. The concert was fantastic from a visual, story and musical standpoints. Several new songs were created for the concert and I would highly recommend checking out the soundtrack when possible.

Another highlight was certainly the live dancers. There were some very complicated moves they pulled off that made the crowd go absolutely wild. The choreography was amazing and the dancers were spot on. The costumes were just as good; in particular, I loved the complexity of the first one.

(Some people got to take pictures with IA, depending on what ticket they purchased. What a beautiful outfit!)

Outside the concert was a booth full of IA and ONE merchandise. I may or may not have spent at least $80 there, but it was totally worth it. At the booth was also an AR poster, where you could take a picture of IA and ONE!

Please continue to support 1st Place and other companies, and request concerts like this or VOCAMERICA to come to a local convention near you! I look forward to seeing where ARIA and IA go next.


1st Place is on Twitter, as well as Facebook (and a global Facebook) and their own website.
Anime Weekend Atlanta has Twitter, Facebook and their own website.
Haneoka is on Twitter and DeviantArt.

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