Join the Vocal-Synth Community on VocaLounge!

In search of some new friends in the amazing vocal-synth community to hang around with? Then you must absolutely take a look at the community hub VocaLounge, a Matsodon server filled with vocal synthesizer enthusiasts for you to meet and interact!

Founded in January of this year by producer Lystrialle, VocaLounge is driven with the desire to bring the western vocal synth community together and allow both fans and creators to meet and have fun. Their goal is to achieve a new level of community interaction: creating a hub where enthusiasts can share artwork, musical content, and all of their love for their beloved virtual singers. As of last month, they recently completed a community event titled the “Low-Effort Miku Zine“, which was a lighthearted collaborative compilation of low effort art depicting our beloved twin-tailed Vocaloid.

But there is more! Thanks to the various tags and even a fully functional¬†Ambassador account, you can also easily get in contact with both people that joined the server or just use Matsodon’s platform in general. You are allowed to go off topic and post about interests outside vocal synths too, of course!

Also, don’t forget that Lystrialle, MystSaphyr, and the other moderators will always be ready to help you where you might need it!

Join this growing community and have fun!

Publishing artworks, covers with your favorite virtual singers, and even casually chatting with new people is an absolute bliss within the community, and we encourage you all to try it out!

The website might be free of charge but it needs funds to continue running, so if you’d like to contribute you can donate to the cause via LiberaPay or Ko-Fi!



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