Untramen Vocal Synth Wave 2 Charms Up for Preorder!

Digital artist Untramen Taro has unveiled her latest product. Her massive Vocal Synth Charm Set is up for pre-order!

As of now, there are over 100 characters to choose from!

Every version of each vocal synth was created. Retired and canceled characters were also included.

She even added characters beyond VOCALOID! Synthesizer V, CeVIO, UTAU, Sharpkey and Alter/Ego vocal characters are available, too.

The charms are available in different sets. The cheapest option sits at a single charm for $8 USD.

Options range from a 3-charm set at $22 USD, up to a $700 USD set for all the charms!

Pre-orders are up until January 18, 2020. You can pre-order on the official product page, here!

Now, which characters are you most excited to see? Furthermore, which charm set do you want to buy? Tell us in the comments!


Untramen Taro is on Twitter, RedBubble, Etsy and her official website.
Pre-order page for Vocal Synth Charms (Wave 2) is here!

About Momoi

is a digital artist, musician and writer, and a longtime fan of VOCALOID since 2009! Favorite voice synths are Stardust, Dex, Cangqiong and Piko without a doubt. Is probably playing video games when she isn't working.