Life-sized Yuzuki Yukari Figure Preorders and More!

Preorders for the life-sized Yuzuki Yukari figure are set to open on the FigureX website starting June 24th. This figure, which we covered recently, has attracted quite a bit of attention. And now we have not only dates for the preorders but more information on this incredible figure. Spoiler warning: it’s not just a figure.

About the Figure

In addition to being the exact same size as Yukari would be, this figure can “sing” like Yukari as well! The figure has a built-in speaker that lets you play music through it. In addition, it seems like people can also have small conversations with Yukari. While we’re unsure of the exact details, it’s likely going to be something similar to many other products where the figure will be able to pick up certain phrases and respond to them.

As we mentioned before, the price (before shipping) is 1,280,000 JPY ($12,287.00 USD). Considering the size of the item, we’d advise international fans to be ready to pay quite a bit for shipping. However, at the moment, there isn’t any news on whether or not the figure will be open to international orders.

How to Purchase the Figure

While it’s not clear if there will be international preorders, the preorders will be through the FigureX website.

For more information, please see our previous article as well as the official product page (in Japanese).

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