“Ling” Album Open for Preorder & Crossfade Revealed!

Yuezheng Ling’s official Weibo announced some good news: her first official album, “绫 (Ling)” is now open for online pre-order! The album was first made available at ChengDu iComic, but now those who weren’t able to attend the exhibition can now pre-order it on JD Music or Shanghai Henian’s Taobao store. Furthermore, Vsinger has uploaded the album crossfade on Bilibili, which you can watch below!


The album includes 7 tracks, here is the tracklist:

  1. 遇见 (Encounter)
    Lyrics:大嘴巴狼 (Da Zuiba Lang)
    VOCALOID Tuner:科林 (Ke Lin)
  2. 乐行者 (Music Walker)
    VOCALOID Tuner:科林 (Kelin)
    Illustration:火醚子 (Huo Mi zi)
  3. 山巅 (Mountain Top)
    Music&Arrangement&Lyrics&VOCALOID Tuner:战场原妖精 (S_YOUSEi)
  4. 傲娇系男孩的告白日 (Confession Day of a Tsundere Boy)
    Music&Arrangement&Lyrics&VOCALOID Tuner:ilem
    Illustration:山n (Shann)
  5. 九月不停雨 (Non-stop Raining in September)
    Music&Arrangement:乌龟Sui (Wu Gui Sui)
    VOCALOID Tuner:纳兰寻风 (Na Lan Xun Feng)
    Illustration:山田啊酱 (Shantian A-Jiang)
  6. 一千绫一夜 (A Thousand and Ling Night)
    Lyric:古洛 (Gu Luo)
    VOCALOID Tuner:溱绫西陌 (Qin Ling Xi Mo)
    Illustration:洋芋 (Yang Yu)Muir
  7. 未来的我 (The Future Me)
    Music&Arrangement:Li Zong
    Lyric:和田野 (Hetianye)
    VOCALOID Tuner:动点P (Moving Point)
    Illustration:风柚子 (Feng You Zi)


Most of the tracks are unpublished, brand new songs, with the exception of “未来的我” and “一千绫一夜,” both of which were released back on Ling’s birthday in April 2017. The album comes with a 24-page lyric booklet and a special designed box. Fans can pre-order the album for ¥80 RMB (about $12 USD) from JD Music or Shanghai Henian’s Taobao Store. The album is expected to be released on or before December 25th, 2017.



Yuezheng Ling’s official Weibo
Album Crossfade
Shanghai Henian Taobao Store
JD Music

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