Megurine Luka Hanairogoromo Version Prototype Revealed!

We’ve seen Miku, KAITO, and MEIKO so far. Snow Miku Sky Town promised last year that the lovely lady Megurine Luka would be the next Hanairogoromo figure. And now, we finally have the prototype reveal of the 1/8 scale Megurine Luka Hanairogoromo Version!


There isn’t much information available on Luka’s Hanairogoromo Version figure at the moment. Sales, bonus items, and the like were not covered in the Piapro blog post. All we know at the moment is that preorders will open on February 1st. However, we can infer a few other things based on previous Hanairogoromo Version figure sales.

The price will likely be around the ¥11,000 JPY (about $110 USD) to ¥13,000 JPY (about $1300 JPY) mark. Miku retails for ¥12,800 JPY, and MEIKO and KAITO cost ¥11,852 JPY each.

She’ll be available for pre-order at Snow Miku Sky Town. This is a no-brainer as these figures are Snow Town exclusives.

Snow Town pre-orders will have a bonus. Anyone who orders at Snow Miku Sky Town will likely receive a pre-order bonus.

She should be available for pre-order on AmiAmi. All previous Hanairogoromo Version figures appeared on AmiAmi for sale to the rest of the world. Sky Town pre-orders require a Japanese address, so AmiAmi will be one of the few ways for people outside of Japan to grab Luka.

She may appear on Tokyo Otaku Mode. It seems all previous Hanairogoromo Version figures are also available on TOM. You can find their Figures and Dolls category here.

Stay tuned to VNN for any new information! With Winter WonFes right around the corner, we can likely expect some news on this beautiful figure within the next month!

Source: Piapro Blog
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