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LUMi Store Sales and Duet Contest Have Begun!

We have two exciting updates for LUMi today: over-the-counter store sales of VOCALOID 4 Library LUMi have begun, and a duet contest is also taking place to celebrate the launch!

“LUMi will finally be available in stores tomorrow ( 。゚Д゚。)
This calls for a special petite LUMi!

Hey all!
We’ve actually already started taking pre-orders on Amazon♪

To everyone who has already taken to first step to welcoming LUMi into their world, we would love to know your honest opinion of her in a review♪”


12/18 LUMi is now available in stores!

For the support that everyone has shown us, you have our deepest, most heartfelt gratitude.
Today marks another new beginning, one that we hope will get even more people loving LUMi♪
We hope for your continued support♪

(´ᴗ`8川) Here’s a new LUMi emoticon created by Una-chan♪”

As you may have read in our previous article, LUMi was first made available in August via the LUMi Komachi online shop, and this was the only way to purchase her Standard, Limited, or download editions.

As of today, the Standard Edition of LUMi will be available in music and electronics stores across Japan for the first time!

Also, you can now purchase LUMi from, for ¥12,960 (approx $115).

Image of LUMi Standard Edition

Duet Contest Details

“Announcing the nana x Twitter joint campaign!
By singing and tweeting your version of the special collab song “ゴーストシップ LUMiとコラボver.” created by @Kris_suyaa with the hashtag #販売開始おめでとうLUMi, you can be selected as the grand prize winner to have your work featured on our official YouTube channel!

See nana music’s official account for details:

Like the previous contest, the latest contest is being organized in collaboration with nana music.

To enter this contest, entrants must record themselves and LUMi singing a duet of her newest official song, “ゴーストシップ (Ghost Ship)” by Kris. You must then upload your duet to the nana music website, then post the URL for your duet on Twitter with the following hashtag:


The winning entry will receive a professional recording of their duet, which will then be featured on LUMi’s Official YouTube channel!

The deadline for the contest is Sunday December 31st at 23:59 JST.

Song Details

The song “ゴーストシップ (Ghost Ship)” is 3 minutes and 44 seconds long. The full song can be heard here:

For the duet, there is a sample version of the song with only LUMi’s parts included, so that you can record your own vocals over the parts that you are to sing. The song sample and Kanji lyrics can be found here:

For anyone who might like to enter the contest but cannot read the Kanji lyrics provided on the page linked above, the Romaji lyrics for both the singer and LUMi’s parts are as follows:

ゴーストシップ lyrics


Singer = Red text
LUMi = Blue text
Both = Bold text

Zutto nagareru boku wa

Kitto koe mo nakushite

Yatto mitsukatta mono wa

Yatchatte kowashite shimatta

Zutto suki datta “mono” wa

Kitto katachi ga nainda

Yatto furimuita boku o

Oitetta waratte iru youda

(Singer) (LUMi)
Itchatta kokoro no koe o

(Singer) (LUMi)
Kiichatta naitatte ii yo

(Singer) (LUMi)
Mitsukatta boku o sabaite

Naide ita tsunaide ita sotto

(LUMi) (Singer)
Kiechatta takusan no koe ga

(LUMi) (Singer)
Shitteita oboretatte ii no

(LUMi) (Singer)
Michiteita boku o sabaite yo

Hekiyou ni

Okkochite iku boku no koe wa
sakende naite aimaina hou e

Shitterun da koukai wa
Kinou no ho o tsutatte

Okkochite ita boku no kokoro wa
Kizuki kizuku sabi tsuita yuurei

Shittetan da boku dake wa
Mata kitto utau kara

If you still need guidance for the parts that you should sing, you can consult other contest entries from the following page:

More Information

For more information on this campaign, and for future updates on LUMi, remember that you can follow LUMi on Twitter and Facebook.

Information Source

AVA’s official website
nana music

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