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Luo Tianyi Will Be Making Another Appearance On Hunan TV!

On the 14th, an announcement was made on “Hunan TV’s Mid-Autumn Night‘s” Weibo. “The recording has been successfully completed for the Mid-Autumn Night show, Vsinger’s virtual singer Tianyi will make an appearance on stage.”




Tianyi’s official blog forwarded the Weibo, saying “Tianyi will say a line during her performance, and anyone who guesses it will get a chance to win a Luo Tianyi pillow.”

The pillow for the winner


This is not the first collaboration between Vsinger and Hunan TV. Earlier in 2016 at the Hunan TV Spring Festival Gala, Tianyi performed on stage with the Chinese singer 杨钰莹 (Yang Yuying), singing a song from producer ilem titled “中秋之夜”. Although the cooperation had some twist and turns, it eventually got some praise. We can only wait and see how the response from fans will be tonight!

2016 Hunan TV Mid-Autumn Night’s Weibo

Tianyi’s Weibo

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