Macne Nana Teaser Launched

A Macne Nana teaser has taken over At the moment, the page is “Loading” with cards being revealed at certain intervals. These cards are said to hint at something special. With the “4” card revealed, some fans are speculating a Macne Nana VOCALOID 4 update.

While Macne Nana has only been a VOCALOID for a little over a year (and her VOCALOID release date is in January), the company behind her first released Nana as a different vocal for Mac programs nearly seven years ago on March 28th, 2009. This year will mark her 7th birthday which, as Nana fans know, is a very special year for her. “7” is considered Macne Nana’s number, much like how Hatsune Miku has 39.

There are two more cards to be revealed from the looks of the website, which is 40% “loaded” as of the time of this article. As we lead up to the 28th, we can expect the new site to “load” completely and the final two cards to be revealed.

Will Nana receive a VOCALOID 4 upgrade? Will she have four voice banks? The number “4” leads to so many possibilities. We really do have to wait until the next card is revealed to narrow it down. But until then, it’s fun to speculate!

Be sure to follow @macnenana on Twitter for the latest updates. They only post in Japanese but they’re still worth the follow!

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