Macne Nana V4 Demo Released!

Just a few days ago, the Macne Nana website updated with the concept art for the designs of Macne Nana’s VOCALOID 4 voice banks: Nana and Petit. Now we have a short Macne Nana V4 demo featuring both the Nana and Petit voice banks!

The song, titled “Anzu”, is by a producer called memu. It’s a short, 1 minute and 20 seconds clip featuring Nana’s regular and petit Japanese voice banks.

You can listen to all of Nana’s V3 demos here to compare!

nana_soundcloud_teaserBox Art Teaser?

While we can’t confirm it, the image used for the SoundCloud upload is definitely a teaser of some sort. It could even be a teaser for the box art! The image is far more detailed than the concept art and also features the two Nanas in different poses from the previous art we’ve seen. Plus, seeing as Nana’s website teased us about a big reveal in the past, it wouldn’t be unusual for this to be a sneak-peek of the box art.

At the moment, there’s still no word on a release date, though the website does mention that they plan to release more sample songs. We can likely expect at least one English demo in the future. Hopefully, there will be solos for Nana’s normal and Petit banks as well!

We’ll be sure to let everyone know when more news surface!

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