Megurine Luka 9th Anniversary Album Sale on KARENT

Megurine Luka recently celebrated her 9th anniversary on January 30th, 2018! As you may expect, the Crypton Future Media office was filled with gifts from well-wishing Luka fans!

“We’ve received tons of flowers and letters from fans celebrating Luka’s 9th anniversary today!??✨  Thank you for all your support!!? Here’s the tuna fish cake that we revealed in our blog? These are some behind-the-scenes photos of its creation!? And there’s also Luka with her gaze locked firmly on the completed tuna fish cake!?”

The celebrations extend onto the Hatsune Miku Official Blog as well, which currently has a cute 9th anniversary Luka doodle by ふじのきともこ (Tomoko Fujinoki) as its background.

Those aren’t the only celebrations going on, however. The current special feature on KARENT is the sale of 10 select Megurine Luka albums that fans of the birthday girl should not miss out on! You can watch and listen to a crossfade of the albums available below.

Illustration by U35 (Umiko).


1. “A Love Dream” by オカメP (okameP)

“Today, my third E.P. album has been released: A Love Dream / オカメP / KARENT”


2. “Light” by のっち (Notch)

“I took part in the special Megurine Luka 9th Anniversary album collection on Crypton’s KARENT. They’re distributing 2 of my songs, “Light” and “魔法が解ける頃に (Mahou ga Tokeru Koro ni).” Please take this opportunity to give them a listen!”

“okameP’s ‘A Love Dream’ and Notch’s ‘Light’ are now on sale! They come especially recommended for those who love hearing Luka sing loud rock numbers! The harmony between the heavy bass & drum sounds and Luka’s almost transparent-sounding voice is simply outstanding!”


3. “空を泳いだ (Swam in the Sky)” by otetsu

4. “memento mori” by otetsu

“I took part in the Megurine Luka 9th Anniversary album collection on Crypton’s KARENT. Along with ‘空を泳いだ (Swam in the Sky),’ there are also the Luka versions of ‘friction‘ and ‘廃日 (Haijitsu).’ They’ve also compiled one of my old works, ‘メメント (memento).’ I hope you enjoy them all.”

“otetsu-san’s ‘空を泳いだ (Swam in the Sky)’ and ‘memento mori’ is now on sale! The newest songs from the producer who took the world by storm with ‘星屑ユートピア (Hoshikuzu Utopia)’ are now here! These are two must-own albums for anyone who loves listening to Luka sing rock! Give them a listen and find yourself submerged in a truly unique and shadowy world…”


5. “AILE (V4X Version)” by CielP / Team [email protected]

6. “My Picture (V4X Version)” by CielP / Team [email protected]

“I took part in the “Megurine Luka 9th Anniversary” album collection on Crypton Future Media’s ‘KARENT!’ This time, they use two of my Megurine Luka V4X songs. You’ll be able to purchase them on iTunes, so those who weren’t able to get the CD at Winter ComiKet should check it out!”

“CielP’s ‘AILE (V4X Version)’ and ‘My Picture (V4X Version)’ are now on sale! CielP remade two of their hit songs for Luka’s 9th anniversary! We especially recommend ‘AILE ~アイル~ (House Mix, V4X Version),’ remixed with an exciting piano tune and light beat to it!”

7. “Elegy” by 文目 (Ayame)

8. “at dawn…” by 文目 (Ayame)

“I took part in Megurine Luka-san’s birthday album collection! It introduces two songs of mine, “at dawn…” which I released last year, and “Elegy” which I just released the PV for today! Luka-san, happy birthday!!!”

“Ayame-san’s “Elegy” and “at dawn…” are now on sale! Ayame-san is quite skilled at making Luka sing jazz. We especially recommend their new song, “Elegy,” with its dreamy and feel-good music! Tonight, you can get lost in thoughts of Luka while enjoying this single…”


9. “9years’ wonder.” by やみくろ (yamichrome)

“I took part in KARENT’s Megurine Luka 9th anniversary project! It features my new song “9years’ wonder.” which I shorten to “9yw” when writing it out. Feel free to check it out!”

“yamichrome’s “9years’ wonder.” is now on sale! We’re releasing their brand new song – in which Luka sings a beautiful ballad – as part of her 9th anniversary! We hope you enjoy this memorable ballad with such heart-wrenching yet powerful lines like ‘Let’s live and meet again…'”


10. “iv” by AVTechNO!

“AVTechNO!-san’s ‘iv’ is now on sale! In this work, Luka’s beautiful voice almost feels like she is singing a magic spell. Enjoy the mysterious yet cool-sounding drum & bass and the underlying piano melodies in these two very different songs!”

You can visit the special Megurine Luka 9th Anniversary album collection page on KARENT here!

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