MEIKO 13th Anniversary Goods at Animate and Movic!

MEIKO, the first Japanese-language VOCALOID to be produced and released, is soon going to be celebrating her 13th anniversary on November 5th! In light of this, Animate JP and Movic are selling various, exclusive goodies featuring MEIKO and her Cryptonloid friends!

The Goods

Clear File: ¥350 each (excluding tax)

Illustrations are by MACCO and Fujinoki Tomoko (ふじのきともこ), respectively.

Can Badge: ¥500 each (excluding tax)

Acrylic Keychain: ¥650 each (excluding tax)

Mini Towel: ¥500 each (excluding tax)

Big MEIKO Acrylic Keychain: ¥1,000 (excluding tax)

Flake Stickers: ¥400 (excluding tax)

Where to Buy

The goods are available for purchase from Movic’s online shop here and Animate’s online shop here! Be advised that those living outside of Japan will have to use a forwarder/proxy service.

Most of the goods will be released on November 9th while the flake sticker pack is set for release on November 16th, 2017!

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Sources: Vocaloid Buy Blog, Piapro Blog

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