Mo Qingxian & Zhiyu Moke Voice Providers Revealed Plus Concert Release Information!

A few weeks ago during the Vsinger live concert, we had the chance to hear Mo Qingxian and Zhiyu Moke for the first time. At the time, we did not know who the voice providers were, but now, Vsinger has revealed on their Weibo who these voice providers are!

Mo Qingxian

The voice provider for Mo is the singer 冥月(Ming Yue).

Zhiyu Moke

Zhiyu Moke’s voice provider is the voice actor who goes by the names of 苏尚卿 (Su Shangqing) aka 西呱双 (Xi Gua Shuang).


Vsinger has also mentioned that they are currently working on the concert video! Although, we are not sure if this means a physical release, such as a DVD/Blu-ray, or if this means the concert will be available through download/upload.

Stay tuned to VNN for more information on the concert video!


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