MOEYU Fall Merchandise Revealed!

Hatsune Miku and Stardust are back with MOEYU’s all new product line for the autumn season!

MOEYU recently unveiled a whole new line of apparel, accessories and hardware for VOCALOID and SynthV fans, this week.

From sweaters to phone chargers, we’re going to take a look at everything new they have to offer!

Stardust Loves Sweater Weather

First up, we have MOEYU x Stardust’s new line of sweaters and hoodies! Perfect for staying warm while showing the world your love of Quadimension’s darling.

This hoodie design is unique, in that it has a stripe of galaxy running across the chest, and her name and logo on either side! Not only that, but the slogan “Dreaming is Floating in the Universe” is included, as well.

The hoodie starts at 336 RMB (~$50 USD), but is currently on sale for 158 RMB (~$25 USD)!

If you’d like to buy it, visit its product page, here!

Secondly, we have Stardust’s “The Sound of Heaven” sweater, which is just as lovely as it sounds.

This sweater features Stardust’s image. Its unique look features music notes floating away, overlaid on a dark gray fabric.

Originally priced at 296 RMB (~$40 USD), it is currently on sale for 148 RMB (~$20 USD)!

Buy this sweater via its product page, here!

Last but not least, we have a new pair of pants for you to check out!

Stardust’s sweet new pattern features a navy blue hue, along with her name printed on the back left leg, and her slogan on the right knee!

Not only that, but her logo is also featured on the pocket flap, making for a trendy design.

The Stardust pants will be priced at 356 RMB (~$50 USD), but are now on sale for 168 RMB (~$25 USD)!

Get them half-off now at their product page, here!

Stardust Collectibles and Accessories

Now, MOEYU didn’t stop with just apparel, this time. They gave us a number of new collectibles to love, too!

First up, some very cute wall hooks featuring the Quadimension girls, Stardust and HaiYi!

These products are unique, and certainly not lacking in the adorableness department.

Stardust and HaiYi feature on two hooks each, which have little suction cups on the back to reduce damage!

They will be selling at 64 RMB (~$10 USD) each! However, they are on sale for half price, at 32 RMB (~$4.50 USD).

If you want to get the full collection for the price of two, head over to their product page, here!

Not to be outdone, Stardust is also featured on her own “cassette tape”.

Now this retro style collectible is actually a portable charger for your smart phone. Not only that, but the charger comes with its own carrying case, also featuring a well-known image of Stardust, illustrated by Nine!

Initially priced at 196 RMB (~$30 USD), it is marked down at 98 RMB (~$15 USD). Pick up the charger on its product page, here!

Up next, we’ve got two new wearable accessories for Stardust; a new watch and a braided bracelet!

Her symbol is placed in the watch’s center, along with a dark blue face that looks just like the night sky.

Meanwhile, the bracelet has a fusion of purple and blue blended together, with her name and logo literally tying the whole thing together!

The watch will be 596 RMB (~$85 USD), now on sale for RMB (~$35 USD)!
And the bracelet is 48 RMB (~$5 USD), marked down to 22 RMB (~$3 USD).

Find the watch here, and the bracelet over here!

Last but not least, we have Hatsune Miku’s new autumn merchandise!

Hatsune Miku Merchandise

Now, Hatsune Miku returns with MOEYU to provide us with a new coat and drinkware!

The coat is perfect for fending off the cold! The light gray color is familiar for Miku fans, along with an internal blue fabric to help make it pop.

Starting at 898 RMB (~$125 USD), this cute piano coat is on sale for only RMB (~$60 USD)!

Get your lovely Miku coat at its page, here!

And last but most certainly not least, we have Miku’s new glass mug!

As well as being a see-through design, this handsome new mug has Miku’s blue silhouette on its front, with all sorts of lovely symbols and references to her along the back. Her iconic “01” is printed at the top as well.

Its height is unique from your usual mug, and makes for the perfect cup for working at your desk.

As of now, the cup is set at 90 RMB (~$15 USD), but is on sale for just 45 RMB (~$5 USD)!

Quickly, grab this product on its own page, here!

The sale is running for a limited time, and so it’s important to make the most of your time and buy now!

Which products are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below!


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