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More Information on “ONE/01 -BLOOM-” Revealed!

ONE, IA‘s CeVIO sister, finally has an album coming out! “ONE/01 -BLOOM-” is set to release on March 28th and has quite the lineup of songs and extras!

About the Album

ONE/01 -BLOOM-, the debut album for IA’s little sister, ONE, is sure to be a big hit, compiling not only original works like Neru‘s “延命治療 (Enmei Chiryou)” and Jin‘s “アウターサイエンス (Outer Science),” featured in the anime Mekakucity Actors, but also cover songs like “LOVEマシーン (LOVE Machine)” by Morning Musume! It also features the much talked-about collaboration song from this hit social game, 18 Puzzle, entitled “てるみい (Tell Me)”  by Ishifuro!

Official Website Description


01. “ミライ (Mirai)” by ATOLS
02. “CITRUS” | song by Orangestar
03. “前夜 (Zen’ya)” by out of service feat. ONE
04. “星の後日談 (Hoshi no Gojitsudan) by out of service feat. ONE
05. “LOVEマシーン (LOVE Machine)” feat. ONE
06. “おねがいダーリン (ONEgai Darlin’)” by Nanahoshi Orchestra
07. “カピパラではなく、カピバラです (Kapibara dewa naku, Capybara desu)” by UtataP
08. “てるみい (Tell Me)” by Ishifuro, collaboration song with 18 Puzzle
09. 君ノ言葉 (Kimi no Kotoba) by Nishino Fumito
10. “延命治療 (Enmei Chiryou)” feat. ONE by Neru
11. “アウターサイエンス (Outer Science)” by Jin ft. ONE, featured song from the anime Mekakucity Actors
12. “Into Starlight” by KURIS & YUICHI-NAKASE

DVD Disc Content

– ミライ (Mirai)
– てるみい (Tell Me)
– Into Starlight

– ミライ (Mirai)
– おねがいダーリン (ONEgai Darlin’)
ピパラではなく、カピバラです (Kapibara dewa naku, Capybara desu)
– 延命治療 (Enmei Chiryou) feat. ONE


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Where to Order

“ONE/01 -BLOOM-” will retail for ¥3,500 JPY. You can pre-order the album on Amazon here, on Animate Online here, and on CD Japan here.


1st Place Tumblr

ONE/01 -BLOOM- Official Website

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