Movic Introduces New Halloween-themed Merchandise in the Hatsune Miku Series!

Trick or Treat? Oh, you are right, it’s a bit too soon for Halloween talk, but Movic wanted to prepare themselves properly, so they announced some more Hatsune Miku merchandise themed after one of our favorite festivities!

Main Visuals

While introducing new, amazing goods for Hatsune Miku fans and her friends’ supporters, we might as well have a look at the artists that provided their talent for their new main visuals!

We can definitely say Piapro’s cast is ready for a surprising Halloween this year! Both of the artists portrayed those iconic characters in perfect trick or treat appearances, and they are ready to get to your home through this adorable merchandise series!


As always, Movic did their best to provide fans as many types of goods as they could, and we guarantee you that you will find something perfect to satisfy your own tastes! Let’s have a look at what items they will offer us!

Acrylic Keychains and Can Badges

Let’s begin with something your tote bags will absolutely need: acrylic keychains and can badges of course!

Mark our words, no item will fit better an Halloween-themed tote bag more than those adorable products! Let’s check on their prices!

Clear Files

If you fell in love with the main visuals as much as we did, you might as well look forward their clear files then!

Imagine storing your documents in such cute folders! Each one is priced 350 JPY, all you have to do is chose which one you would like to buy! Or you can be like us and simply buy them both! Choosing only one can be hard after all!

Click here to buy Sameyama Jiro’s illustrated clear file, or here for kkc’s adorable version!

Washi Tapes

Are you into decorations? If so, you might love their themed washi tapes!

Once again both illustrations became two different versions of this product, and you get both for only 800 JPY each!

Click here to buy this cutesy set of washi tapes!

Mini Towels

Last but not least we have two cutesy mini towels, each featuring one of the two visuals!

Each mini towel is only priced 500 JPY!  Click here for Sameyama’s version, or here for kkc’s one!


Release of those items is set for October 4th, and to browse more you can also check the full category on Movic’s online store! There are many other goods you might want to pick up or discover!

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