Back in June a musical & live show took place in Enghien-les-Bains, France. This was something completely new from 1st Place, revolving around the themes of “Life,” “Love,” and “Peace,” ARIA promised to be an event that engaged the five senses, and challenged everything that you knew about live concerts.  It was a success as over 20 French medias and TV stations took up this performance.

The performance will grow as a “show that constantly grow and changes”, while doing various styles and new challenges under the support of fans. The start will be from “DMM VR THEARTER YOKOHAMA” in Japan.

This was not a one time event and they are making its next location in Japan on January 26th and 27th of 2019.

1st Place has opened a crowdfunding project through Makuake and are looking for your help. Although at the time of this writing the crowdfunding has surpassed its goal, you can still give your pledge as well as help reach the stretch goal. Even if you cannot go, you can still get some nice rewards. Secondly, the more support is shown for this show, the more likely we are to see the show in more locations in the future. If you would like to pledge then show your support!

There is a lot of rewards to be had, for the full list, click on the link to the crowdfunding here.

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