Uni and Vsinger Voicebanks Now Available on the VOCALOID Shop

For those of you who have been wanting to get the voicebanks of  UNI, Luo Tianyi, Mo Qingxian, Yuezheng Longya and/or Zhiyu Moke but did not want to deal with ST MEDiA’s website or Taobao, you can now buy them on the VOCALOID shop!


To listen to the samples or purchase the voicebanks you can head on over to the VOCALOID shop here!

Featured image source: https://www.facebook.com/yamaha.vocaloid/photos/a.232686870185206/1952688848184991/?type=3&theater

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A virtual singer lover with a dream of connecting the world of virtual singers together through VNN. Monds is also a huge rhythm game fan/player on his spare time.

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