New 咏吟轩 (Yong Yin Xuan) Album Set to be Released at COMICUP21!

It has been over a year since the group Yong Yin Xuan (咏吟轩 ) has released an album. Their previous album was “PLAY! PLAY!” which VNN did a review of, and also featured a track from on our channel. If you enjoyed it, then there’s good news! Their next album, titled “Strange Songs from the Abyss (深渊异歌 ),” is set for release at COMICUP 21, which will take place on December 9th and 10th at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC).

Yong Yin Xuan is a well-known group of artists from China who mainly use Chinese VOCALOIDs.


  1. The Salvation of the Headless Horseman ( 无头骑士的救赎)
    Composer: TóngYè/Lyricist: Mou Luo/Illustrator: TǒngYé (曲:桐叶/词:某洛/绘:桶爷)
  2.   No Invitation for the Rest of Life (余生不相邀)
    Composer: Ryuu/Lyricist: XingHua BaoZi/Illustrator: A Que (曲:Ryuu/词:杏花包子/绘:阿雀)
  3.  Karma (业报)
    Composer: Qian Yi Mo Hua/Lyricist: He Tian Ye/Illustrator: Sya (曲:潜移默化/词:和田野/绘:Sya)
  4.  The Divine Speech of Amber Dragons (琥珀龙的神言)
    Composer: Qian Bi/Lyricist: Mou Luo/Illustrator: Reovila ( 曲:铅笔/词:某洛/绘:Reovila)
  5.  Magic Five, Terrify Four (魔伍怔肆)
    Composer: Tiao Nan/Lyricist: Tiao Nan/Illustrator: Tan Hua ( 曲:跳蝻/词:跳蝻/绘:碳化)
  6. The Nine-Tail-Fox (九尾妖狐)
    Composer: PoKeR/Lyricist: PoKeR/Illustrator: Mary-ko (曲:PoKeR/词:PoKeR/绘:Mary-ko)
  7.  The Inked Forest (泼墨之森)
    Composer: Hua Zhi Ji/Lyricist: Shen Bing Jiao/Illustrator: Mint (曲:花之祭/词:沈病娇/绘:Mint)
  8.  The Earthly Philosophy of A Raccoon (一只狸的人间哲学)
    Composer: Shan Tian Lang/Lyricist: He Tian Ye/Illustrator: Muir ( 曲:杉田朗/词:和田野/绘:Muir)
  9.  Nine Days and Nights (九天九夜)
    Composer: JUSF/Lyricist: JUSF/Illustrator: ANIE (曲:周存/词:周存/绘:乜)
  10.  The Story of the Gorgeous Bone (绮骨说)
    Composer: Melo/Lyricist: Lv Wu/Illustrator: Tan Gong (曲:Melo/词:绿无/绘:檀弓)
  11.  Disarray
    Composer: GhostFinal/Lyricist: XingHua BaoZi/Illustrator: Aya (曲:GhostFinal/词:杏花包子/绘:Aya)

Stay tuned to VNN for more updates on this album!


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