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New Hatsune Miku – Tap Wonder Game and Contests Announced!

A new game featuring Miku has been announced by Ateam, Hatsune Miku – Tap Wonder-!

Hatsune Miku – Tap Wonder- is a new smartphone game featuring the virtual singer,  Hatsune Miku. Check out the cute and energetic promotional artwork below, drawn by Oguchi.

Two contest have been also been announced for the game, so read on for all the details on what we know so far!

Miku Tap Promotional Image

Game Details

Hatsune Miku – Tap Wonder- will be a free to play game, with in-game purchases, and shall be available for iOS and Android.

The game’s genre is described as a ‘Tap and Live game’, which implies that it may be a rhythm game of some sort with a concert-like setting, but the details are scarce at the moment.

Though we don’t have a specific release date yet, the game is set to release in Spring 2020!

For more updates on the game, be sure to follow the official Twitter account for the game.

Contest Details

Ateam have also announced two contests, to recruit new background music and characters to be used in the game!

The application period starts from today, January 24th, and ends at 15:00 JST on February 21st.

The results of the contest shall be revealed in March 2020!

Read on for the full details of each contest and how to submit your entry.

Miku Tap Contest Image

Pet Design

The aim of the Pet Design contest is to create pets which will appear as characters in the game to support Hatsune Miku!

There will be 7 winning entries selected.

Entries to the pet design contest must follow the below guidelines:

  • The image size must be 1000 px (or more) x 1000 px (or more).
  • The file format must be JPEG or PNG.
  • The colour mode but be RGB.
  • The image resolution should be 300 dpi or more.

Pet Design Example

Background Music Design

The aim of the second contest is to recruit music to be used as background music in the game!

The team are looking for a lively song, which will make the game exciting!

There will be 10 winning entries selected.

Entries to the background music contest must follow the below guidelines:

  • Miku should be the target Vocaloid (including all Japanese, English and Chinese voicebanks).
  • Rin, Len, Luka, Meiko or Kaito can be used in the chorus.
  • The song should not exceed 5 minutes in length.
  • File format must be MP3.

How do I submit?

To enter the contest, you can submit your entries on the Piapro website here.

Remember, make sure that you do not apply any license conditions to your entry, else it may not be counted!

Good luck to those who are entering either of the contests and stay tuned to VNN for further updates on this exciting new game!


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