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New Official Winter Wear Design for Xin Hua!

Starting in November 2017, Gynoid has been making monthly updates to their free downloads page, releasing two new pieces of official artwork for one of their VOCALOIDs each time. They began with a brand new design for Xin Hua in November, followed by new winter wear designs for both v flower and v4 flower in December.

At the end of January, 2018, they continued this trend with two more pieces of artwork, and this time, it was Xin Hua’s turn to get a new official winter wear design! The new illustrations were drawn by 富岡二郎 (Jiro Tomioka), the artist who is also known for providing the illustrations for the PV version to one of Xin Hua’s Japanese demo songs, ココロハナ (Kokoro Hana). One features Xin Hua in her regular outfit and color scheme from the official box art for her Japanese voice bank, while the other shows her outfit redesigned to look more winter-appropriate.

(Update) The new illustrations to be distributed for free from Gynoid this month are for a new winter wear design for Xin Hua, illustrated by 富岡二郎 (@tomioka2)! Anyone is free to use them for videos and any other works, so please use them however you’d like!

“I was given the honor of drawing the new, freely-distributed artwork for Gynoid’s VOCALOID4, Xin Hua. You can download them through the following link. Enjoy! http://gynoid.co.jp/news/view/56/

“How cute!”

You can download and start using Xin Hua’s newest artwork by clicking here!

As with all content up for download on Gynoid’s official site, the new artwork is free to use for videos or any other non-commercial purpose. Anyone hoping to use them for commercial purposes must get prior permission from Gynoid.

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