Xin Hua’s 3rd Anniversary Celebrations Commence!

Xin Hua‘s 3rd anniversary on February 10th, 2018, is almost upon us, and to celebrate, Shanghai Wangcheng and the Xin Hua Creatives CLUB have been hard at work holding multiple contests, releasing new merchandise, and preparing a special compilation album all for the Taiwanese VOCALOID’s special day!

January Contest

Throughout the past month, Xin Hua’s Facebook and Weibo pages have been accepting celebratory birthday works for Xin Hua from fans. Unlike past contests, fans were completely free to submit whatever they want to congratulate Xin Hua: cover songs, original songs, fan art, MMD videos, even videos of themselves wishing Xin Hua a happy birthday in some fashion. Absolutely anything and everything was fair game! Fans just needed to tag their posts with #心華, #心花四季, and #心華三周年誕生祭 along with @XinHuaOfficial (if on Facebook) to submit their works.

From these submissions, 18 winners will be selected to win the following prizes:

  • 10 winners will receive a “Xin Hua Through the Four Seasons” calendar
  • 5 winners will receive a special gift pouch (contents currently unknown, but a photo reveals that it resembles Xin Hua’s beret)
  • 3 winners will receive the opportunity to attend a special birthday celebration held for Xin Hua on February 10th in Shanghai

Head on over to both Xin Hua’s official Weibo page and her Official Facebook page, or follow the #心花四季 and #心華三周年誕生祭 hashtags to see all the celebratory fan submissions!

心花四季 Compilation Album

The submission period for the previously reported song contest for the upcoming compilation album “心花四季” (Xin Hua Siji, roughly meaning “Xin Hua Through the Four Seasons”) has concluded, and a total of 19 songs (all of which are listed here) were submitted. After sifting through them all, the contest organizers narrowed the list down to 13 songs for fans to vote on. Take a look at the video below to hear samples of each of the 13 finalists!

(For those who are unable to watch the video, it can also be watched here.)

After all the votes were collected through Xin Hua’s official WeChat account, the results were announced through the following post and crossfade video for the album!

(If you are having trouble viewing the crossfade, it is also available for viewing on Bilibili here.)

“Feelings of the heart are like poetry, like flowers blooming through all four seasons.

“The crossfade trailer for the long-awaited official Xin Hua original Chinese song album, ‘心花四季/Xin Hua Through the Four Seasons,’ is now finally available for viewing. The songs of ‘Xin Hua Through the Four Seasons’ are themed around and sing praises about the four seasons of nature, as well as encompassing the full gamut of human emotions. This album compiles the original works of many of the top-rated producers in China, who have all poured their hearts into creating them for Xin Hua. These songs vary widely from opera-style to soft rock music. When her birthday rolls around, ‘Xin Hua Through the Four Seasons’ will serve as one big ‘thank-you’ message to each and every one of you who have always walked with and supported Xin Hua for these past three years.”

Tracklist (translated English titles are all unofficial):

1. ≪ 无垠奇迹 ≫ (Wuyin Qiji, “Boundless Miracles”) (1st place winner in the contest)
Lyrics: 夥星P (HuoxingP)
Music: 纯白p (ChunbaiP)
Arrangement: GyloNeil (Windbell)
Tuning: 狼 (Lang) (Windbell)
Illustration: 刀特 (Dao Te)

2. ≪ 少女的爱是心照不宣 ≫ (Shaonu de Ai shi Xinzhao Buxuan, “Her Love Was a Tacit Mutual Understanding”) (2nd place winner in the contest)
Lyrics: 冥凰 (Minghuang)
Music & Arrangement: litterzy
Tuning: 法式猫粮 (Fashi Maoliang)
Illustration: 云卷君 (Yunjuan Jun)

3. ≪ 心花 ≫ (Xin Hua, “Heart Flower” [Chinese Ver.])
Music & Arrangement: takamatt
Chinese Lyrics: 夥星P (HuoxingP)
Tuning: irecorder
Illustration: 晕欧欧 (Yun Ou Ou)

4. ≪ I ≫ (Honorable mention in the contest)
Lyrics: 慕容风 (Murong Feng)
Music & Arrangement: 一般社员汤 (Yiban Sheyuan Tang)
Tuning: Digger
Illustration: 达茜 (Darcey)

5. ≪ 又见梁祝 ≫ (You Jian Liang Zhu “Reuniting With The Butterfly Lovers“) (Honorable mention in the contest)
Lyrics: 猛虎蔷薇 (Menghu Qiangwei)
Music: 司鼓君 (Sigu Jun), 星辉p (XinghuiP)
Arrangement: 星辉p (XinghuiP)
Tuning: 纳兰寻风 (Na Lan Xun Feng)
On Erhu: 柠露lemon (Ning Lu Lemon)
On Pipa: 远坂麦芽 (Yuanban Maiya)
On Zither: 猛虎蔷薇 (Menghu Qiangwei)
On Flute & Xiao: 林, 大力 (Lin, Dali)
On Percussion: 司鼓君 (Sigu Jun)
Illustration: 文岁 (Wen Sui)

6. ≪ Fly Away ≫ (Honorable mention in the contest)
Lyrics: 萤失hinano (Ying Shi Hinano)
Lyrics&Arrangement: katsu
Tuning: Digger
Illustration: 果酱子 (Guojiang Zi)

7. ≪ 誓鸟 ≫ (Shi Niao, “Oath Bird”)
Lyrics: luna, 雨心 (Yuxin)
Music & Arrangement: luna
Tuning: 纯白p (ChunbaiP)
Illustration: 鲜洋芋 (Xian Yangyu)

8. ≪ 秘境茶会 ≫ (Mijing Chahui, “Secret Tea Party”)
Music, Arrangement, Mixing, Tuning: 依溪禾 (Yi Si He)
Lyrics: 橙一加二 (Cheng Yi Jia Er)
Assistance: 一只岁碎 孙维峰 (Yizhi Sui Sui)
Illustration: 老屎蛋 (Lao Shi Dan)

9. ≪ 且听枫吟 ≫ (Qie Ting Feng Yin, “Hear The Cries Of The Maple”)
Planning: 墨白茜兔 (Mo Bai Qian Tu)
Lyrics: 初繁言 (Chu Fan Yan), Anonymous
Music & Arrangement: 闹闹 (Nao Nao)
Tuning: 纳兰寻风 (Na Lan Xun Feng)
Mixing: LKs
Illustration: 诗驯 (Shi Xun)

10. ≪ 大鱼吃小鱼 ≫ (Dayu Chi Xiaoyu, “Big Fish Eat Small Fish”)
Lyrics, Music, Arrangment, Tuning: 毛毛虫p (MaomaochongP)
Illustration: 唯Tu (Wei Tu)

11. ≪ PUZZLE
Lyrics: Kechorman
Music, Arrangement: 泓 (Hong)
Tuning: 纳兰寻风 (Na Lan Xun Feng)
Illustration: ZARD

12. ≪ 少年与秋 ≫ (Shaonian Yu Qiu, “The Boy And Autumn”) (3rd place winner in the contest)
Singers: Xin Hua, 明宣May (Ming Xuan May)
Writer: 胡多多 (Hu Duo Duo)
Lyrics: 陆菱纱 (Lu Ling Sha)
Music & Arrangement: 胡多多 (Hu Duo Duo)、明宣May (Ming Xuan May)
Tuning: 观默 (Guan Mo)
On Guitar: Quinn Bao
On Bass: 孟宇 (Meng Yu)
Recording & Mixing: 刘嘉伦 (Liu Jia Lun)
Illustration: Tamaki

New Official Xin Hua Merchandise

The winners of the Xin Hua fan art contest back in October, 2017, were promised the honor of seeing their works of art become official Xin Hua merchandise, which are now available on the Shanghai Wangcheng Taobao store! Check them out below!

Note: It is always recommended to use a forwarding service when purchasing from Taobao.

Xin Hua Acrylic Stand
Artist: suika
Cost: ¥80.00 (about $12 USD)
Purchase here!


Xin Hua Can Badge
Artist: suika
Cost: ¥10.00 (about $2 USD)
Purchase here!


Xin Hua A3 Poster, Type 1
Artist: 云卷君 (Yun Juan Jun)
Cost: ¥10.00 (about $2 USD)
Purchase here!


Xin Hua A3 Poster, Type 2
Artist: suika
Cost: ¥10.00 (about $2 USD)
Purchase here!


Xin Hua A3 Poster, Type 3
Artist: 渃子 (Ruozi)
Cost: ¥10.00 (about $2 USD)
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Xin Hua A3 Poster, Type 4
Artist: hisa镜
Cost: ¥10.00 (about $2 USD)
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Xin Hua A3 Poster, Type 5
Artist: 乐久 (Yue Jiu)
Cost: ¥10.00 (about $2 USD)
Purchase here!

Xin Hua Square Card
Artist: suika
Cost: ¥3.00 (about $0.50 USD)
Purchase here!


Xin Hua Postcard, Type 1
Artist: litteF
Cost: ¥3.00 (about $0.50 USD)
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Xin Hua Postcard, Type 2
Artist: 果糖 (Guo Tang)
Cost: ¥3.00 (about $0.50 USD)
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Xin Hua Postcard, Type 3
Artist: 希拉 (Xi La)
Cost: ¥3.00 (about $0.50 USD)
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 Xin Hua Postcard, Type 4
Artist: 故若罗兰 (Guruo Luolan)
Cost: ¥3.00 (about $0.50 USD)
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Xin Hua Postcard, Type 5
Artist: 季泉 (Ji Quan)
Cost: ¥3.00 (about $0.50 USD)
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Xin Hua Postcard, Type 7
Artist: gx君
Cost: ¥3.00 (about $0.50 USD)
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Xin Hua Postcard, Type 8
Artist: 亚亚(Yaya)
Cost: ¥3.00 (about $0.50 USD)
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Xin Hua’s third anniversary looks to be unlike any of her previous ones, thanks to the greatly increased focus on fan involvement this year. By holding so many contests and other opportunities for fans to shape Xin Hua’s world, and giving those fans the chance to see their songs, stories, and artwork become real Xin Hua products, her creators are truly stepping up their game when it comes to promoting her. The opening of her Facebook page has also proven to be a big step in getting her more globally known and followed.

Stay tuned to VNN for all of your Xin Hua news!

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