Xin Hua’s Official Facebook and Album Song Contest Now Open

For those who have always wanted to follow Xin Hua on social media, but aren’t used to using Weibo, here is some goods news: Xin Hua now has a new official Facebook account as well! You can visit and start following her on Facebook below!

Here is her most recent Facebook post with a very special message for her new followers:

“On February 10, 2015, Xin Hua was born. Although her journey has not been without its share of obstacles, she still continues to grow! Currently, there are 36 days left until her third anniversary on February 10, 2018. Within this time span, Xin Hua has not only transformed from her original V3 version into a V4, but she has also transformed from being merely a childish and cute-sounding Chinese singer, into a charming, dual lingual Chinese and Japanese singer. What was your original impression of Xin Hua that you hold in your heart? Do you have any stories of how you first encountered her? And what’s your impression of her now?

“The Spring Festival is almost here, and during this extraordinarily beautiful transition between seasons, we hope that you will continue to accompany Xin Hua through life’s journey!

“Thoughts from the heart are like poetry, like flowers blooming through all four seasons. We hope that this will be something like Xin Hua’s first official birthday all over again since her debut, and hope that everyone will listen to each other’s feelings from the heart, and share that love to all!”

“Xin Hua Through the Four Seasons” Album Song Contest

In related Xin Hua news, the Xin Hua Creatives Club is taking entries for her next official compilation album, the previously reported 心花四季 (“Xin Hua Through the Four Seasons”) album. Here are the entry rules:

  1. Choose a theme from among “Spring,” “Summer,” “Autumn,” and “Winter.” No restriction on music style.
  2. Your song must use Xin Hua’s VOCALOID voice bank, and must be a solo.
  3. Voting will take place online, and the Xin Hua Creatives Club will be judging and selecting the winners based on popularity.

How to Enter

You can enter your song in the contest in either one of two ways:

  • Post your song on Weibo with the hashtag #心花四季##心华##原创歌曲投稿#, giving an explanation behind your song, and tagging @心华XINHUA
  • Submit your entry to [email protected] with the subject line #心花四季##心华##原创歌曲投稿#, along with the song name and producer name


First prize (1): ¥6000 RMB (about $900 USD)
Second prize (1):  ¥4000 RMB (about $600 USD)
Third prize (1): ¥3000 RMB (about $450 USD)
Honorable Mentions (3): ¥1000 RMB (about $150 USD)
Runner-Ups (5): Voucher for ¥500 RMB (about $80 USD) worth of Xin Hua merchandise

The entry period will end on January 15, 2018, with voting to take place from January 16 through 18, and the results announced on January 20.

Information Source

Xin Hua’s Official Facebook
Xin Hua’s Official Weibo

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